They call it riding the gravy train

I am officially not taking this winter thing anymore. It’s the middle of f*cking march and it’s supposed to be spring on the 21st, AND I DON’T SEE NO SPRING COMING MY WAY

So I’m just ignoring winter. He doesn’t exist to me. Tell him I said I’m done with him and his cold demeanor. I’m ready for some flirting with other climates, and spring is looking pretty nice. So here you go, this is my official spring-come-hither outfit, florals and bright colors. Just ignore the tights and the boots. My legs aint made of steel!

skirt: h&m
cardigan worn as top: h&m
boots: sac d'anvers
bracelet: COS
corsage: h&m

When my boyfriend got home from work and saw my outfit he was kind of flabbergasted, stuttering "you look.... distburbing". I guess he's not big on the print-mixing thing. Or on bright colors. I'll take it as a compliment though, not sure how, but I will!


  1. Ah hahaha, you are so sweet :) I wish I could ignore the cold like you did!!! I loved your last photo, you look like a very little girl :)

  2. That last photo is wonderful, that is such a cute look!

    Fab cardigan and it works perfect with that skirt :D

  3. i love the colors & different prints!!