Goodmorning, goodmooorning!

Another monday, and the weather has tanked (I don’t know if you can even say that, haha). We’re expecting max temperatures of about 14° celsius up until thursday, and then there is a polar weather thing coming our way, with max temperatures of 8° celsius. For christ’s sake, it’s spring! Almost april! “Maart roert zijn staart” as they say, “march’s end is mischievous” or something like that haha. Once again I bother you guys with sayings, do you have any corny sayings about the months of the year? I’m a real sayings type of girl, probably because I’m a wordsy person. I have always read tons of books and I love languages and difficult words. One of the main features that attracted me in my boyfriend (we met over the internet so his looks didn’t matter yet :D) was his eloquence. I would never be able to be with a guy that talks in grunts and primitive words. He would just not inspire me, and I need to be inspired!
 skirt: h&m
top: pimkie
tights: pimkie
boots: h&m

Everytime the weather gets nicer, every spring and every summer, my style turns to “romantic”. I leave my bold, tough outfits when I shed my wintercoat, spring/summertime is for flirty frocks and darling dresses! Haha sorry for being so corny.

a little inspiration:

for the next last couple of days of chilly weather

and now for spring!

Hope you all have a great week ahead of you! I’ll be working on my Verbal and Non Verbal Communication assignment today. We have to describe a situation and analyse it afterwards, think it’ll be pretty fun! Bye!


  1. i know, it makes me so mad when the weather changes like that! we are in for a great week coming up and i'm so excited about it. sorry yours will be cold. but you have the cutest hair!! i really love it.

  2. thanks amanda! I have cut it myself the day before yesterday because it was turning into a mullet and because I'm a cheap bastard that doesn't go to the hairdresses more than two or three times a year :D

  3. You look so adorable! I love the bright cheerful colors you chose in this outfit.

  4. I love how you are wearing the spring brights but keeping it realistic and weather appropriate with some tectured tights... I am so ready to pack my tights away but I have to wait a little more..

  5. "


    A little non verbal communication for you! ;) Did it turn out to be fun as you suggested?

    Fab look dear! I love this skirt, you have sooo many great skirts. :D