Retro Americana: Downtown Las Vegas and Peggy Sue's Diner

December is fast approaching so I figured we'd all be eager for some summer heat escapism. I still have plenty of travel content to share from our three week road trip through California (and beyond), and today I'll be blogging some of the coolest examples of retro Americana we encountered. I'm taking you to Downtown Las Vegas, and Peggy Sue's Diner in Yermo, CA

We made a quick stop in Downtown Las Vegas before leaving for LA to grab breakfast at IHOP and see this different side of the city. Pink oldtimers, campy wedding chapels and neon signs everywhere, of course I loved it. The bright sunlight in the morning exposes all the cracks, dirt and chipped paint, but as I've said before: I love the exposed artifice at least as much (maybe even more) as any bright glamour that returns as soon as night falls.

Of course we dressed up to suit the occasion - just adding a bit of fantasy to the whole tourist experience. I have to admit I enjoy myself more if I feel like I'm doing my travel destination justice rather than schlepping around in a tourist uniform of shorts, socks and sandals. Enjoy!

 dress: c/o Shein - belt: Gucci - mules: c/o Wonders shoes - sunglasses: Aliexpress - handbag: Kate Spade

One of the upsides of traveling with a fellow (style)photography enthousiast like Sabina is that you come up with double the amount of photogenic stops along the way. Peggy Sue's Diner was a find of hers, and while the food there wasn't the best we had by a long shot, the decor more than made up for it. The whole menu consists of awesome retro dishes named after vintage bombshells, and the whole diner exudes a profound love for vintage Americana. We were even complimented on our outfits by a regular guest, so goes to show it's worth dressing up to become part of the whole experience!

I hope I've convinced you that both Downtown Las Vegas and Peggy Sue's Diner are definitely worth making a detour for if you're into Americana like I am. And of course, I still have a lot of travel stories to share still, so stay tuned!

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