Outfit: stripes and beret in the rain

 dress: c/o Signe Nature - stiletto boots: c/o Zinda - handbag: Clemence Flane c/o Ivalo Official - beret: Monki - belt: Gucci - umbrella: from London

It's been ages since I've blogged two posts so quickly in succession, but hey, I loved how these pictures came together: my fake tan was looking good, this dress is super cute, and I could finally use my adorable umbrella as a prop again. We snapped these right after the torrential downpour that seems to reaffirm that fall is definitely ON in Belgium, even though it's only August. Fml. I am happy to be able to bring back my beret collection, though. Perfect topper for any outfit.

How cute is this dress? I don't often wear vertical stripes because I get these prison outfit associations from em, but this particular dress is just too good to pass up on. Perfect for the office - I'll probably wear it for my next client presentation. You know a piece is good when you see yourself wearing it on an important professional moment - power piece. If I were any better at wearing stilettos I'd also totally wear these gorgeous booties, but my feet are total wimps so I'm not even going to try to wear them to an occasion where I'll be standing up for an hour or more. 

Hope you like the look, and enjoy your weekend!

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