Travel: first taste of Curaçao

Hi darlings! If you've been keeping up, you should know that by now I have fully immersed myself in Curaçao. Our flights were smooth, I got some zzz's on the plane, I didn't experience any jetlag and everything has been going swimmingly - I haven't even gotten any mosquito bites yet. Knock on wood. So now that I'm on this perfect-trip-high, let me show you some first impressions of Willemstad with you guys! 

I am blown away by all the color here, and if you know anything about my aesthetic, you know that I'm a sucker for that shit. The Caribbean has a way of amplifying color, from the bright blues of the ocean to the candy-drop houses to the myriad of fresh fruits (and cocktails) that are so plentiful over here. I'll be getting back to you with a real travel review soon, but for now, I'm just going to grab a drink and enjoy Dushi Curaçao. Follow me on Instagram for much more Curaçao content!


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