Travel: 6 Curaçao hotels for every taste and budget

I'm back with another installment in my Curaçao series - today I'll be telling you about the coolest hotels and resorts we came across on the island, the ones that would be first on my list of recommendations. The island boasts a wide range of hotels, bed&breakfasts, Airbnb's and resorts in basically every price range. I'll discuss a number  of different options, describing what needs every location might suit! Since these options are so diverse, I'm listing them in no particular order.

First, if you're looking for authenticity and a central (city) location: Kura Hulanda Village and Spa.

Kura Hulanda is a colorful little vilage of guest lodgings in Otrobanda, a short walk from the bridge to Willemstad center, including a lovely museum on the (slavery related) history of Curaçao. This place is teeming with murals and public art, and also has a gorgeous little pool surrounded by tropical plants, and its own beach.

A downside here is that the property is currently between owners, which means that its maintenance is a bit dodgy at the moment, which explains the mixed reviews you can find online. However, this also means that there are absolute deals to be had if you don't mind taking a bit of an informed risk. The location and the cultural history here still strongly drew me to this hotel. Kura Hulanda also has lodgings in another location, right on the stunning Playa Kalki beaches at the island's West point - also a lovely option, but much quieter and all-in resort style.

Travel: 6 Curaçao hotels for every taste and budget

Beauty: Urban Decay Beached palette review

Beauty: Urban Decay Beached palette review

Hiya! Dropping in for another beauty review ;-) Today I'll be discussing Urban Decay's summer eyeshadow palette: the Beached palette. I'm not much of a fan of seasonal palettes because I generally use the same shades year-round, but I do enjoy the type of palette that you'd take with you on holiday abroad. You know, a palette that contains shades that will take you from day to night and are super easy to use: one or two shades applied with a brush or even your fingertips, and done? That's all I take with me when I step on an airplane to some far-away location. Is the UD Beached palette that palette? Let's find out!

Travel: Top 5 places to eat on Curaçao

Hi guys! About half a week ago, I stepped off the plane after a beautiful week in Curaçao. My first proper press trip, my first time on the island and the first time since I moved in with my boyfriend that we've been apart for a week! Just so you know kids, just because you've turned 31, that doesn't mean you don't have any new experiences ahead of you anymore ;-)

My experience with Curaçao was everything I hoped it would be and much more. I was amazed by how much variety this tiny little island has to offer, in architecture, nature, culture and food. We had a wonderful guide who showed us around and introduced us to some of the gems the island has in store, but there's still so much more left to explore on a next visit. However, I feel happy to pass on the knowledge I've already acquired to any future travelers!

FYI: we flew there with Tui, who are offering direct flights once a week from Brussels Airport (with a short stop but no real transfer in Costa Rica on the way to Curaçao) up until the end of October, so if you're itching to visit the island from Belgium, this is the time! 

Let me first tell you about my top 5 places to stop and enjoy all of the culinary pleasures this Caribbean paradise has to offer.

Inspiration: swimming + picnic and shopping locally

Hi guys! Just a few weeks ago, I met up with my besties to battle the heatwave by going for a swim at the Boekenberg swimming pond. The pond is set in a park so it was the perfect opportunity to have a picnic, catch some sun, read a book and joke around. 100% worth sitting on a bus + train for almost 2 hours.

Anyway, the afternoon was so lovely I was inspired to put together a little collage for a perfect afternoon of swimming and chilling! I used Storesquare for my window shopping. I recently discovered the platform after receiving a press mailing, and I liked the concept so much I figured I might as well share the info with you guys. Basically, Storesquare features products sold at stores that are close to your home.

Travel: first taste of Curaçao

Hi darlings! If you've been keeping up, you should know that by now I have fully immersed myself in Curaçao. Our flights were smooth, I got some zzz's on the plane, I didn't experience any jetlag and everything has been going swimmingly - I haven't even gotten any mosquito bites yet. Knock on wood. So now that I'm on this perfect-trip-high, let me show you some first impressions of Willemstad with you guys! 

I am blown away by all the color here, and if you know anything about my aesthetic, you know that I'm a sucker for that shit. The Caribbean has a way of amplifying color, from the bright blues of the ocean to the candy-drop houses to the myriad of fresh fruits (and cocktails) that are so plentiful over here. I'll be getting back to you with a real travel review soon, but for now, I'm just going to grab a drink and enjoy Dushi Curaçao. Follow me on Instagram for much more Curaçao content!