Outfit: polkadot tights, red and green

green coat, floral skirt, polkadot tights and pink kate spade bag

green coat, floral skirt, polkadot tights and insect loafers
boxy knit, floral skirt, polkadot tights, pink kate spade bag
kate spade handbag pink, daniel wellington watch
boxy knit, floral skirt, polkadot tights and insect loafers
green coat, floral skirt, polkadot tights and insect loafers
green coat, floral skirt, polkadot tights and insect loafers
 coat: c/o WEfashion - sweater: Uniqlo - skirt: Forever21 - tights: c/o Gambettes Box - loafers: c/o RAS shoes - handbag: Kate Spade NY - sunglasses: c/o Polette

We took these pictures on a gorgeous sunny fall afternoon, during my lunch break. My sister and I had lunch at BLT, a lovely lunch spot on Antwerpen Zuid that serves a menu of variations on - you guessed it - BLT sandwiches. Anyway, this is a look I wore to work. Prints, colours, appliqu├ęs: the works. I'll never settle for basics just because I've got a job in market research now. Most of the time I'm sitting behind my desk answering emails and revising questionnaires anyway so I figure I can still largely wear whatever I want. Which, as frivolous as I know that sounds, is pretty important to me. In a way, my outfits are my main hobby, my creative expression, the way I wear my personality on my sleeve. So yeay for progressive workplaces!

On a more personal note, I've had a crazy couple of days. My love randomly fainted early Monday morning ending up loosing a tooth, getting a big cut in his brow and of course suffering some bruises. I thank our lucky stars that I was up so that I heard him fall, could call an ambulance straight away and help him up. I'm also incredibly grateful that it wasn't the stroke I initially feared it to be (call it PTSD because of my history with my dad), or something else equally grave. He's home with me again after a night in the hospital, and I've started to get over the whole ordeal. He obviously wasn't as shook as I am, because he doesn't remember most of it, but for a couple of grueling seconds I was convinced I was going to lose the love of my life. I'm not one for tearjerker blog posts, but I've written about everything big happening in my life on this blog so obviously I had to write about this too.

The last half of 2017 has been crazy. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, but I really hope life gives us some chill for the next couple of months. 

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