Outfit: perfect vintage yellow dress

outfit: yellow floral vintage dress, mules

Travel: a weekend in Paris

48 hours in Paris

If you follow my social media, you probably gathered that we spent a lovely weekend in Paris last week, thanks to Toyota! It was our first time fully experiencing the city (insane, I know, since it's only a short 3.5 hour drive away), so when Toyota reached out to me to test drive their C-HR car, taking along my boyfriend and two other bloggers on a little road trip to/through the city of love, I absolutely jumped for joy. I had just been neck-deep into PhD completion limbo, and some time to take my mind off things was just what the doctor ordered. This post is entirely too long, but what do you expect from a first time visit to an iconic city like Paris? Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Beauty: diy IPL hair removal at home review

This post has been sitting in my to-do folder for agesssss since I always get questions about at home ipl hair removal, so I figured many people are in fact looking for info, and I'm more than willing to help out!

Beauty: diy laser hair removal at home review

Outfit: head to toe metallics in jumpsuit

silver loafers, gold culottes jumpsuit

Beauty: vitamin C Clinique Fresh Pressed review

Beauty: vitamin C Clinique Fresh Pressed review

While I used to think that a simple moisturizer was enough, skincare has become a passion of mine over the past few years. Of course, you shouldn't expect miracles from skincare (you're never going to get a result from a cream that you might get from fillers or botox, if that's what you're after), but as someone who spends quite some time staring at their face while playing with makeup and editing pictures, I've come to notice the small but significant changes made by particular types of skincare. 

Today, I'll be talking about Clinique's Fresh Pressed regime, which is basically a 7 day plan that uses vitamin C to clarify your skintone and increase your natural glow. I tried a vitamin C based skincare routine last year when I tested Auriga's Flavo C range, but I wasn't entirely convinced by the result. However, when I received this adorable mason jar filled with Clinique goodies, I was inspired to give the idea another go. Especially when reading the claims!

- cell renewal is boosted from the first use
- your complexion should look brighter after only one use, and after a week of daily application, your skin will be more even, smoother and firmer
- after four weeks, hyperpigmentation should be reduced by about 20% (no idea how they measure this though), and fine lines and wrinkles have reduced by 30%
- after 12 weeks of contnued use, hyperpigmentation has reduced by 30%, and wrinkles by 40%.

Sounds pretty impressive! I only used the product for 7 days, so let's see if we can see those claimed end results.

Giveaway and Beauty: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 avant premiere

Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 inspired makeup look

Hey guys, fun post today! I mean my posts are always fun (I'd like to think) but today is a two-for-one. First, I'm giving away THREE sets of two tickets (so six tickets in total) to go see Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX at the night of its exclusive premiere at Kinepolis Brussels, April 25th. Second, I'm sharing a makeup collab I did with my lovely sister, inspired by two of GotG's most kick-ass female characters. We were both pretty proud of the end result, so you're in for a treat!

Outfit: culottes and yellow platform clogs

Outfit: culottes and yellow platform clogs

Outfit: rainbow stripes and culottes

Outfit: rainbow striped off shoulder top, culottes and platform mules

Outfit: rapeseed flowers and silver loafers

My apologies, picture overload coming up! But who could resist that vibrantly yellow field of flowers, and a perfect gingham summer dress?

Outfit: gingham dress, floral embroidered denim jacket

Outfit: heart shaped glasses and pom pom shoes

Outfit: heart shaped glasses, pink dress and pom pom shoes

Beauty: Asian beauty with BBCosmetic review and coupon code

Beauty: Asian beauty with BBCosmetic review and coupon code

Hi babes! Today is all about Korean beauty products, as I will be reviewing the BB Cosmetic webshop, and some Yadah brand cosmetics. I'll also be sharing a coupon code that you might wanna use if you're into Asian makeup yourself, so keep reading if you're interested ;-)

BB Cosmetic is part of the current wave of Asian webshops geared at Western customers, and the store offers free shipping worldwide and a bevy of beauty products by brands that are not available in the Western markets. Definitely something that makes a a makeup lover's heart beat a little faster! I was offered three items to review for you guys, and I tried to get some diversity in there: the Yadah quick tattoo brow gel, a lip tint, and some sunscreen.

Travel: California Roadtrip 2017 Itinerary

Ah, travel! Growing up, we never had any money to travel anywhere, and that situation continued until a few years ago when I finally felt comfortable enough with my savings and income that I could justify spending money on discovering the world. And thanks to my PhD, I was able to dive in deep straight away: Puerto Rico, Japan, and now California. Yes, you've read that right, I'll be flying to California in about two months! 

Like the two years before, my boyfriend will be coming along and he suggested that we should rent a car and turn our visit to San Diego (where I will be presenting my research at a conference) into a mini roadtrip through southern California. I basically jumped for joy when he said he was into it, and I've been having fun planning our trip ever since! As it stands now, this is our itinerary. If you have any tips, recommendations or feedback, please do share. I prefer being super prepared when travelling, so the more info, the merrier ;-)