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About two years ago, I gave you guys a mini-tour around my living room, right after putting up my pretty tissue paper pom poms. One corner that was conspicuously missing in that post, was the sitting area, and that omittance was entirely on purpose. You see, up until about a week ago, we still had this awful little crappy coffee table as the center piece of our seating arrangement. To be precise, it was Ikea's famous LACK table, which we bought years and years ago because we had no money and they practically give you those suckers for free. 

The table itself is harmless enough, but it really showed its years of heavy duty use in a household with four cats, two small kids and plenty of TV dinners. The past year or two I could barely look at it without being frustrated. When you get to your late twenties, you start feeling like you should be at the place in your life where you can surround yourself with relatively pretty stuff, you know? But furniture that is beautiful and durable is expensive, man. In addition, I found it hard to find something that went with everything already present in the living room. As a reminder, this is pretty much still what our home looks like, minus the Christmas tree.

midcentury modern living room, tissue paper pom poms

I didn't want anything too modern, too minimalist, too small, no shiny surfaces (a bitch to keep clean) nor too expensive. Yeah, I'm pretty much a real life version of Goldilocks. But in the end, I found a coffee table that was just right!
I don't even remember how I stumbled upon it, but sometime this summer I ended up on Made.com, a London based furniture webshop that offers slightly retro inspired design items at lower price points by cutting out the middle man, delivering straight from the factory to your doorstep. No stockrooms, no storefront, just the designer, the creation process, and you. 

I fell hard for the Hooper media unit (bigger than its coffee table counterpart) in walnut, which perfectly matched the 60s dinnerset we already own. And it seems like the fortunes smiled upon me, because recently Made.com made the move to Belgium! I took it as a sign and made the order. Just one week later, I was contacted for delivery arrangements. On a Saturday! As one half of a double-income couple, I really appreciate it when weekend deliveries are offered. I am over the moon with our new coffee table, it looks perfect in our home. See for yourself.

MADE hooper coffee table, red velvet couch, persian rug
MADE hooper coffee table, red velvet couch, persian rug
MADE hooper coffee table, persian rug
MADE hooper coffee table
MADE hooper coffee table, yellow leather couch, persian rug

It's probably the fact that the holidays are coming, but I'm in full nesting mode. I just had the red couch dry cleaned, those teal velvet pillows are new, I just bought two new plants and I can't wait to put up our Christmas tree. The teal pillow cases are from H&M home btw. Such a gorgeous collection, I have my eye on a bajillion things right now to spruce up our living room and do away with stuff we bought simply because we couldn't find anything we really liked within our price range.

Every time I sit in my corner of the red couch, I let out a little sigh because I'm so happy with our new coffee table. I didn't know how much that old table ruined my mood until we replaced it. Best money I ever spent!

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