Zinda Shoes and Pink Coat

zinda shoes lucite heels slingbacks
pink coat zinda shoes
pink coat
pink coat zinda shoes
skater skirt vintage floral blouse zinda shoes
menswear white suit pink coat outfit couple matching

on me // coat: Dresslily.com - blouse: vintage - sunglasses: H&M - skater skirt: ASOS - slingbacks: c/o Zinda
on him // blazer, waistcoat and trousers: H&M - shirt: Zara - shoes: vintage

There's two things I'd like to talk to you guys about today: first is the fact that my boyfriend and me aren't dressed to the nines just because we are some kind of flawless Don and Megan Draper clones. My boyfriend's youngest son actually had his Catholic confirmation a little while ago, and of course that is a reason to show dress up nicely. I'm not religious at all, but I go with the motions. I even took the pictures for his confirmation card!

Whenever I dress up, I tend to go for a slightly retro-inspired look as is evidenced by this late 60's get-up. I love the distinctive long lapels of the vintage blouse I'm wearing, and the pastel coat is perfect for slightly chilly spring weather, but the shoes are really what make this look (amaga I love them so muchhh).

Which brings me to my second point: These. Shoes. When you throw together lucite heels, baby-blue snakeskin and a silver pointy toe, that doesn't sound very classy, does it? In fact, it sounds wack. However, these Zinda shoes are just absolutely perfect. I love every crazy detail about them (THOSE HEELS), but most of all I love how they create a light, classy balance between retro and modern while still remaining comfortable. I have developed a rather big love for the mid-height heel (5-8cm) since that's something I can work with if I don't have a lot of walking ahead, and because the silhouette always reminds me of the 60's. People didn't do 10cm stilettos back then, you know.

Back to the point: I feel like Zinda deserves extra special praise for succeeding at bringing top quality footwear that is practical AND fashion forward at a very reasonable price point. Definitely the sort of brand I'm glad to align myself with now that I'm in my late twenties and working full-time. Here are some of my favourites of the SS14 collection.

comfortable trendy heels zinda shoes

Can I add all of these to my wardrobe, please? OK no, no need to be greedy, but I'm definitely keeping my eye on this brand. If you like what you see, you can order the shoes online - I'd say the sizing runs slightly on the bigger side so if you're in between sizes: size down - but Zinda is also sold in selected stores in Belgium. I know of three stores that carry the brand, so get your ass over there!


PHONE: +3216617171

PHONE: +32050334714

(there is also a Giraldo in Ghent, but it doesn't sell Zinda shoes. However, I talked to the owner and they told me it is possible to have a certain Zinda pair you love delivered at the Ghent location, if you can't make it to Bruges)

You as in love with Zinda as I am?

PS: yeah, that picture of me and the boyfriend is totally photoshopped (just look at the crappy shades :D) because we had no one to take our picture at that moment and because I thought our outfits were too nice together not to make them into one picture. It started out as a joke, but now my boyfriend wants to print it and hang it on one of our walls. And I might be vain enough to have an online blog filled with pictures of myself looking pretty, but I am not into huge pictures of myself in my living spaces. That's just weird yo. I'd feel like I was being watched by myself all the time. NOPE


  1. Wat bedoel je daar precies mee? :)

  2. Hoe perfect zijn jullie?! Ik had trouwens totaal niet door dat het gephotoshopt was :')

  3. You two look amazing! Great photo!

  4. ik wou maar voorkomen dat mensen het wel opmerkten en dachten "waaaait a minute :-/" zonder dat ik zelf iets zei :D

  5. Ik vind die foto van jullie twee eigenlijk best wel de max ^^ FRAME IT!

  6. neeeee, niet aanmoedigen! :D

  7. Haha de photoshop is nog redelijk goed gelukt eigenlijk, als je er gewoon even naar kijkt valt het totaal niet op :D ik vind hem wel schattig! Leuke outfit! The shoes are indeed adorable ;)

  8. This is such a fun, spring-time look! The coat and especially those shoes are amaaaaaazing! Hehe the photoshopped photo is too funny! You should totally frame it in your entry way! Haha.

  9. Maybe just a small print? ;) I should teach my bf how to match his outfits to mine, I want to be this cute too!

  10. hahahahahaha ik had dat eerst niet eens gezien dat dat gephotoshopped was :D

  11. Haha, ik had het eerst niet gezien dat die foto gephotoshopped was (oeps). Leuk outfitje!

  12. Hahaha die foto lijkt mij super legit :D
    De schoenen van dat merk zijn echt te mooi.
    Naomi, x