Birthday Wishlist

Hey babes! I'm currently enjoying a much needed extended weekend thanks to religious holidays (yay Jesus!), and as Monday is my birthday, I'm going to share a way deep and totally non commercial/superficial wishlist post with you guys. In case anyone reading this is having a hard time figuring out what to buy me, you know. I'm just trying to help, really.

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Keep in mind these are not listed in order of favouritism. I'd be happy with any of these gifts!

#1: a sewing machine. The older I get, the more I prioritize a good fit. I want to learn how to fix wonky hems, take in or let out garments. I don't see myself becoming a full on seamstress any time soon, but having a sewing machine really is somewhat of a necessity for a household. Even if it's just to fix hems on curtains or tablecloths. So I don't need a fancy machine, just something that gets the job done - IKEA has one for about 80€ now I think, so that's a nice option, but I would also like a second hand machine as long as everything still works.

#2: a fancy mani/pedi. I've never gone for a manicure or pedicure before, and I would love to do so with a friend (or my boyfriend! :-D). Just being able to sit and chat for a bit while someone pampers you, leaving with perfect hands, feet and nails: the perfect relaxation moment for a perfectionist like yours truly.

#3: a cookbook with beautiful pictures and healthy recipes. I love pictures of food, I love cooking, and I've been more and more mindful of what I put in my body (and that of the people I cook for). Vegetarian would be nice, but I don't mind meat or fish being featured so long as there is a strong focus on vegetables. Btw, more cook/travel DVD's for my Rick Stein collection wouldn't go amiss either. I love that dude.

rick stein dvd

#4: Nike Roshe Runs. I wear my grey Roshes to DEATH (they are literally on my feet every other day) and I can safely say that these are the sneakers for me. Supremely comfortable, interesting shape yet very clean and modern. I know that adding a pair of these to my wardrobe would absolutely not be a waste of money. Size EU39/UK6 plz!

#5: work out equipment. Now that I'm turning 27, I feel like I only have a few more years where becoming RIPPED LIKE WOLVERINE is still an attainable goal. I've never been the athletic type, but I would like to be muscled as fuck for once in my life. However, I simply do not have the time to get my ass over to a gym regularly. Working with weights, doing body weight exercises and getting my cardio on would be something I could do, if I would be able to do so at home. In my private bedroom. Watching Mad Men. So I'd love to find a second hand crosstrainer somewhere. To get my tone on.

#6: a contouring/highlighting/bronzing kit. I love doing my make up, and I'm always on the look out for ways to up my game. Contouring, highlighting and bronzing can really make a world of difference in a face. Also, all those Jersey/Geordie shore/ex on the beach babes are always rocking major contouring and I want a perfectly made up doll face too!

#7: not the most original gift, but trust me when I tell you I wouldn't be disappointed if I received one of these: a gift card for COS or & Other Stories. These are two of my favourite shops that are at walking distance from my office, and I always have my eye on one piece or another. Right now, I'm dreaming of duster coats, unique jewelry and summer dresses. I wouldn't say no to a Zara gift card either, btw.

Oh, and this one has been on my wishlist since FOREVER so go get it already, people!

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  1. Ik ben normaal tegen cadeaubonnen (niet zo persoonlijk) maar afgelopen week hebben we er toch eentje gegeven van & other stories aan een vriendin en ik heb nog nooit iemand zo blij gezien met een cadeau haha! Dus misschien moet ik mijn mening veranderen ;)
    Goeie lijst trouwens!

  2. Je moet voor de contour kit zeker eens kijken bij Sleek, kost niet zoveel en best goed. Er is een nederlandse site die dat het verkoopt in elk geval

  3. ik denk er net zo over, maar SOMMIGE cadeaubonnen zijn gewoon super leuk :D

  4. deze bedoel ik
    Geniet nog van vandaag! x