Birthday Wishlist

Hey babes! I'm currently enjoying a much needed extended weekend thanks to religious holidays (yay Jesus!), and as Monday is my birthday, I'm going to share a way deep and totally non commercial/superficial wishlist post with you guys. In case anyone reading this is having a hard time figuring out what to buy me, you know. I'm just trying to help, really.

wishlist the styling dutchman

Keep in mind these are not listed in order of favouritism. I'd be happy with any of these gifts!

#1: a sewing machine. The older I get, the more I prioritize a good fit. I want to learn how to fix wonky hems, take in or let out garments. I don't see myself becoming a full on seamstress any time soon, but having a sewing machine really is somewhat of a necessity for a household. Even if it's just to fix hems on curtains or tablecloths. So I don't need a fancy machine, just something that gets the job done - IKEA has one for about 80€ now I think, so that's a nice option, but I would also like a second hand machine as long as everything still works.

#2: a fancy mani/pedi. I've never gone for a manicure or pedicure before, and I would love to do so with a friend (or my boyfriend! :-D). Just being able to sit and chat for a bit while someone pampers you, leaving with perfect hands, feet and nails: the perfect relaxation moment for a perfectionist like yours truly.

#3: a cookbook with beautiful pictures and healthy recipes. I love pictures of food, I love cooking, and I've been more and more mindful of what I put in my body (and that of the people I cook for). Vegetarian would be nice, but I don't mind meat or fish being featured so long as there is a strong focus on vegetables. Btw, more cook/travel DVD's for my Rick Stein collection wouldn't go amiss either. I love that dude.

rick stein dvd

#4: Nike Roshe Runs. I wear my grey Roshes to DEATH (they are literally on my feet every other day) and I can safely say that these are the sneakers for me. Supremely comfortable, interesting shape yet very clean and modern. I know that adding a pair of these to my wardrobe would absolutely not be a waste of money. Size EU39/UK6 plz!

#5: work out equipment. Now that I'm turning 27, I feel like I only have a few more years where becoming RIPPED LIKE WOLVERINE is still an attainable goal. I've never been the athletic type, but I would like to be muscled as fuck for once in my life. However, I simply do not have the time to get my ass over to a gym regularly. Working with weights, doing body weight exercises and getting my cardio on would be something I could do, if I would be able to do so at home. In my private bedroom. Watching Mad Men. So I'd love to find a second hand crosstrainer somewhere. To get my tone on.

#6: a contouring/highlighting/bronzing kit. I love doing my make up, and I'm always on the look out for ways to up my game. Contouring, highlighting and bronzing can really make a world of difference in a face. Also, all those Jersey/Geordie shore/ex on the beach babes are always rocking major contouring and I want a perfectly made up doll face too!

#7: not the most original gift, but trust me when I tell you I wouldn't be disappointed if I received one of these: a gift card for COS or & Other Stories. These are two of my favourite shops that are at walking distance from my office, and I always have my eye on one piece or another. Right now, I'm dreaming of duster coats, unique jewelry and summer dresses. I wouldn't say no to a Zara gift card either, btw.

Oh, and this one has been on my wishlist since FOREVER so go get it already, people!

feminist feminazi top


Green Grecian Dress

summer outfit zara green smock grecian dress
silver hoop earrings classy
summer outfit zara green smock grecian dress
summer outfit zara green smock grecian dress
summer outfit zara green smock grecian dress
summer outfit zara green smock grecian dress

Grecian off the shoulder dress: Zara - sandals: Fibi & Clo- silver hoop earrings, sunglasses: H&M

pictures by Nathalie

One great tip I'd like to share with you guys is to check your closet for your favourite pieces, the ones you always return to, even after years of owning them. What silhouettes do you feel prettiest in, regardless of trends? What fabrics feel best on your skin? And importantly: which brands made the clothes that you keep wearing? This is usually a great guideline for future shopping, as it guarantees you to buy garments that you will love for a long time. For me, Zara is one of those brands, and pretty, comfortable dresses just above kneelength featuring a defined waist are the spring/summer items I keep wearing over and over. Case in point: this grecian style silk smock dress from Zara, which has been a part of my summer wardrobe for five (!) years. Let me prove it to you by showing this picture from the second summer I had this dress.

summer outfit zara green smock grecian dress

COOL RIGHT? Come to think of it, I still wear those shoes too. I'm not so fashion-fickle after all.

Do you have any brands/silhouettes/garments that have served you well over the years?

Off The Shoulders Top, Vintage Levis Shorts

zara off the shoulder top vintage levis shorts
zara off the shoulder top vintage levis shorts
vintage levis shorts bird print purse
zara off the shoulder top vintage levis shorts
quartz necklace lobogato zara top
vintage levis shorts espadrilles bird print purse
zara off the shoulder top vintage levis shorts

off the shoulder top: Zara - shorts: vintage Levi's - espadrilles: New Look - necklace: Lobogato - purse: Primark - earrings: H&M

Outfittime! I spotted this top on lovely Sofie and I fell in love within seconds. I rushed over to my Zara to snap it up, something that actually doesn't happen that often. I mean, it might seem to you like I buy a lot (A LOT), but a large part of the new additions to my wardrobe are c/o (gifts by PR agencies and brands). That probably sounds really bad, but the fact that I receive these items as gifts doesn't mean I don't like them or that I'm "bought". I DO NOT wear things I don't like, the only difference between this and a situation where I wouldn't be gifted garments is that I would have a lot less new/interesting content to share with you guys, wearing the same stuff over and over. Also, it keeps me from unnecessary spending (aka all spending that isn't paying bills or going to my savings account), which makes it a win-win in my book. So even though it might come across as fake, at this moment I don't have a problem with accepting c/o items. 

Just to be clear and honest. This is the case for most blogs you read, anyway.

OK, that escalated fast! Anyway, I love this top, and I didn't mind spending my own money on it at all. Another thing I bought myself was this pair of earrings. I've seen this particular shape on some style bloggers, but not in stores. I finally found these at H&M for like 3€, which was money well spent since these earrings strike the perfect balance between simple and elegant. I especially love how they resemble belly button piercings.

Peace out!

Why trashiness and the word 'bitch' are empowering to me as a feminist

This post might come a bit out of left field, but after pumping myself up listening to some of my favourite new tunes, I felt inspired to share some of my mental ramblings with you guys. Here goes: the past few years, I've noticed a growing trend of the mainstream embracing/exploiting feminine lower class counter culture. Just think of the whole ratchet trend, Rihanna, Die Antwoord, Jersey Shore: over the top sexuality, unapologetic trashiness. And rather than rolling my eyes at its lack of restraint as you might expect from a style blogger (after all, fashion revolves largely about snobism and cultural hierarchy), I find all of it incredibly empowering.

jersey shore cast feminism

the Jersey Shore cast, not classy and not giving a fuck about it

You see, I grew up near the edges of society. My family lived in a rather dilapidated little house in a decidedly rural area, socially isolated because of migrating and leaving all of our relatives behind. My parents were educated, but my father being the sole breadwinner for our family and having a failing health put us in the precarious position of never knowing when the hatchet would fall. Sure enough, it did just before I finished high school. This resulted in me dropping down a few steps on the social ladder and working my ass off to make it back up. Which probably partially explains my love for the whole hiphop discourse of being a hard bitch with a big mouth, proud of the shit you worked through to get where you are today. No shame in being who you are, whether you lack sophistication or not.

Women like Rihanna, Jwoww and Snooki add an extra layer of fuck-misogyny to their image by the fact that the whole aesthetic of extremely done up femininity, including long fake nails, too short and too tight dresses, thick extensions and all the make up in the world does not give off a vibe of being for some guy. It doesn't cater to the heterosexual male gaze. A lot of guys find it trashy, in my experience, and this is not so much about them as about girls and women exploring what performing femininity entails. Putting on all the identity markers clasically associated with pretty and girly, but pushing them past that point into an area of self-awareness and pastiche, loving every minute (or every inch of platform stiletto) of it. I actually have a pinterest board dedicated especially to this aesthetic.

One aspect of the whole ratchet/chav/working class culture is not caring as much about social decency, about what is politically correct. Hanging around in feminist circles, I often hear or read people proclaiming 'bitch' as the ultimate way to insult a woman; putting her down like a female dog, calling her inherently inferior. And coming from a guy, bitch usually does have that bite that twists a knife in your gut, making you feel like you outstepped your boundaries as a vagina-having person. It's like every nasty use of the word is actually a shortcut for saying "know your place, bitch".

So yeah, that sucks.

However, people are strong. And many women have become ass kicking individuals in spite of and even through being discriminated against. We find ourselves and express our bad-ass-ness through the insults that once kept us down. That's why I get such a kick out of listening to boss ass bitches like Brooke Candy not giving a fuck about what is considered classy, proper, right or feminine. Throwing all the "bitch" bullshit back at you and emerging like a phoenix from the ashes of your preconceived notions of what a woman should be (nsfw).

She's just this ball of creative power bouncing around, being sexual and abrasive and gross and awesome, and I find her incredibly empowering. Same goes for Rihanna's Pour it Up or Iggy Azalea. "Work" is pretty much my anthem, and I always get emotional when I listen to the song even though its lyrics are not politically-correct-feminist-approved.

Iggy, Brooke, Jwoww and co all come from a place of being unapologetic, honest, raw and commercially savvy assholes. They hustle and they show just who they are without putting on a filter, often even enlarging those facets of their personality that are considered distasteful by mainstream culture, confronting you with your own gender based prejudice. And that, to me, makes them bad ass feminists. Virginia Woolf would agree btw.

Which songs and popstars get you fistpumping because of how ridiculously awesome they are?

Overalls and Leopard Slip Ons

overalls leopard slip ons
statement earrings green oasap
pimkie overallspimkie overallsoveralls leopard slip ons
leopard slip ons

rings: Diamanti Per Tutti - top, overalls: Pimkie - slip ons: H&M - earrings: c/o Oasap

pics by Astrid

I'm not in love with these pictures as it had just started raining which made the light kind of harsh and sad, but let me assure you the outfit was way cute in real life. Very casual but with funky touches like the slip ons, the earrings and the overalls. I picked those last ones up in the mid season sales at Pimkie because this season seems to be the season when overalls are back in style again. Every once in a while this farm classic pops back up in stores, and for some reason they always make an impression. They're like pants, but more fun, you know? And more practical than jumpsuits when it comes to going to the bathroom.

The top is a linen-cotton mix, ever so slightly see-through and deliciously crisp to the touch. A perfect summer top which works just as well with casual denim as with dressy pencil skirts.

The earrings were a bit of a letdown because they were pictured as mint green on Oasap, but they ended up being grass green when I received. Still pretty, but totally NOT WHAT I ORDERED OK. Not cool. But I wrote a review and added my picture to the product page, so future costumers will know what they'll get. My altruistic deed of the day.

Rose Sweatshirt, Peplum Skirt

rose print sweatshirt peplum skirt chelsea boots
rose print sweatshirt peplum skirt chelsea bootsrose print sweatshirt peplum skirt chelsea boots
rose print sweatshirt peplum skirt chelsea bootsrose print sweatshirt peplum skirt chelsea boots

Photoprint rose sweater: c/o Sheinside - peplum skirt: Forever21 - boots: Zalando

The combination of this rose printed sweatshirt and the white peplum skirt is pretty much perfect, in my book. The colours match, and the casualness of the top and the elegance of the skirt are brought together by the girliness of the rose print and the peplum hem. Perf! Also, the pink will undoubtedly look amazing with denim as well. Pink x blue 5-ever.

This is the outfit I wore to the & Other Stories launch, which, btw, was crowded as hell but totally awesome. The store is GORGEOUS and I'm returning as soon as possible when I have some free time over my lunch break to quietly check out alllll the beautiful stuff. My first impressions were:

  • the shop is pretty huge, two floors filled with goodies
  • amazing accessories: both shoes and jewelry are MINT
  • beautiful interior
  • minimalist, Scandinavian, fashion forward style like COS, but a bit more affordable and vibrant because & Other Stories uses more prints and colour
  • friendly salespeople!

So yeah, I'm already a fan. And I want to try this dress on, and maybe buy it for myself as a birthday present.

& other stories vika gazinskaya dress
& other stories antwerp
& other stories antwerp

Pictures by Pure pr. I could totally live there, I especially love the green touches of the carefully placed plants. The store is open for the general public now btw, so get your ass over to the Korte Gasthuisstraat!

PS this iridescent visor cap was my boyfriend's fav item fo sho, so fetch

Peace out.

Leaf Print Off-the-shoulder Dress

off the shoulder dress oasap
off the shoulder dress oasap
off the shoulder dress oasap
off the shoulder dress oasap
off the shoulder dress oasap
off the shoulder dress oasap
off the shoulder dress oasap

off the shoulder dress: c/o Oasap - sandals: Fibi&Clo - box bag: Zara - braided belt: c/o Lavand - sunglasses: H&M - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

Meet my new obsession: everything shoulder baring. I've always had a weakness for this particular look, and I used to have a few off the shoulder tops back in my early teens, but the silhouette seems to have fallen from grace for quite a while. I'm totally psyched it's back now, it satisfies my 70s bohemian cravings. This (super affordable!) dress is doubly adorable thanks to the ruffle neckline and the pretty leaf print. It's also available in red, but the leaves in blue give off this delightful Mediterranean vibe that just screams summer. It's lined btw, and the top layer has a crêpe feel which I love. I did cut off the straps since they were a bit too short to have the dress sit nicely, and because the dress is like a bajillion times prettier without them. Oh, and I would recommend getting the largest size unless you are petite, since the dress is pretty short.

As you can see, the weather is SCORCHIO and I have zero problems with accepting that. In fact, it was high time to break out summer clothes and salads again.

Short Sleeved Sweatshirt, Leopard Slip Ons

h&m sweatshirt casual outfit fashion
h&m leopard slip-ons casual trousers
h&m leopard slip-ons casual trousers
h&m casual outfit style blogger
h&m sweatshirt leopard slip-ons casual trousers

 sweatshirt, leopard slip-ons: H&M - trousers: Pimkie - necklace: Lobogato

Hi guys, dropping by to share a quick outfit post. Super casual, something I threw together on a chilly, grey Sunday. Glorified pyjamas, really, but the leopard slip-ons and the Lobogato necklace totally make it seem like I tried, don't they? This is totally the sort of outfit which I will look back on in a year or so and be like "GOSH Annebeth, way to dress like a total fashion victim". But the whole sportswear/casual minimalism trend is just so tempting if you're busy all the time, you know? So I apologize, future Annebeth, I guess I prefer being supremely comfortable over dressing timelessly stylish.

Zinda Shoes and Pink Coat

zinda shoes lucite heels slingbacks
pink coat zinda shoes
pink coat
pink coat zinda shoes
skater skirt vintage floral blouse zinda shoes
menswear white suit pink coat outfit couple matching

on me // coat: - blouse: vintage - sunglasses: H&M - skater skirt: ASOS - slingbacks: c/o Zinda
on him // blazer, waistcoat and trousers: H&M - shirt: Zara - shoes: vintage

There's two things I'd like to talk to you guys about today: first is the fact that my boyfriend and me aren't dressed to the nines just because we are some kind of flawless Don and Megan Draper clones. My boyfriend's youngest son actually had his Catholic confirmation a little while ago, and of course that is a reason to show dress up nicely. I'm not religious at all, but I go with the motions. I even took the pictures for his confirmation card!

Whenever I dress up, I tend to go for a slightly retro-inspired look as is evidenced by this late 60's get-up. I love the distinctive long lapels of the vintage blouse I'm wearing, and the pastel coat is perfect for slightly chilly spring weather, but the shoes are really what make this look (amaga I love them so muchhh).

Which brings me to my second point: These. Shoes. When you throw together lucite heels, baby-blue snakeskin and a silver pointy toe, that doesn't sound very classy, does it? In fact, it sounds wack. However, these Zinda shoes are just absolutely perfect. I love every crazy detail about them (THOSE HEELS), but most of all I love how they create a light, classy balance between retro and modern while still remaining comfortable. I have developed a rather big love for the mid-height heel (5-8cm) since that's something I can work with if I don't have a lot of walking ahead, and because the silhouette always reminds me of the 60's. People didn't do 10cm stilettos back then, you know.

Back to the point: I feel like Zinda deserves extra special praise for succeeding at bringing top quality footwear that is practical AND fashion forward at a very reasonable price point. Definitely the sort of brand I'm glad to align myself with now that I'm in my late twenties and working full-time. Here are some of my favourites of the SS14 collection.

comfortable trendy heels zinda shoes

Can I add all of these to my wardrobe, please? OK no, no need to be greedy, but I'm definitely keeping my eye on this brand. If you like what you see, you can order the shoes online - I'd say the sizing runs slightly on the bigger side so if you're in between sizes: size down - but Zinda is also sold in selected stores in Belgium. I know of three stores that carry the brand, so get your ass over there!


PHONE: +3216617171

PHONE: +32050334714

(there is also a Giraldo in Ghent, but it doesn't sell Zinda shoes. However, I talked to the owner and they told me it is possible to have a certain Zinda pair you love delivered at the Ghent location, if you can't make it to Bruges)

You as in love with Zinda as I am?

PS: yeah, that picture of me and the boyfriend is totally photoshopped (just look at the crappy shades :D) because we had no one to take our picture at that moment and because I thought our outfits were too nice together not to make them into one picture. It started out as a joke, but now my boyfriend wants to print it and hang it on one of our walls. And I might be vain enough to have an online blog filled with pictures of myself looking pretty, but I am not into huge pictures of myself in my living spaces. That's just weird yo. I'd feel like I was being watched by myself all the time. NOPE