Zalando: Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Hi guys! Today I'm going to explain to you why shopping online the right way, for the right reasons, is actually literally the best thing ever. And yes, this post was sponsored by Zalando, but my opinions are my own and I'm 100% honest, like always.

So let me break this down for you.
1.  We've all probably experienced how exciting it feels to receive a box of new items. Much more exciting than coming home with a bunch of shopping bags. It's like if you've ordered something a week ago, distance makes the heart grow fonder until it finally arrives, you know?
2.  Additionally, I much prefer not having to waste time and get stressed out waiting for a place in the dressing rooms on my free Saturday. I'm a working woman now. And hurried shopping is sad shopping.

My slightly chaotic but delightfully cozy bedroom, including some Zalando goodies I got to try on.

3.  I find it important to be able to see how colours look on me in natural light, because if a colour doesn't flatter me I end up not wearing an item. Ever. This is something you can easily do at home, but you can't exactly take the mirror in a store dressing room and plop it down where you think you have the best light, can you?

4.  PROTIP: I always try on different combinations and stylings of the new garment before deciding whether to keep it. For example, sometimes a certain dress or top only looks right when you wear it with the proper bra. Not a problem when you shop at home. I spotted this very affordable skirt by Even&Odd on Zalando, and while deciding whether to keep it I put together three outfits to show its versatility. Conclusion: definitely a great basic!

 Wearing the skirt with Zign sandals, Zign pumps and Nike Internationalists
yes my business looks contains sandals, what are you gonna do about it?

5.  The very best reason to shop online is the broad range of options and the ease of searching for something specific. For example, I haven't been able to find a pretty, quality swimsuit at an acceptable price point at my usual shopping destinations. Shopping online makes it so much easier to just search for "one piece swimsuit" on whichever webshop you're visiting, and even compare prices between different webshops before spending your cash.

When I spotted this gorgeous bandeau one piece, I was intrigued. It's a shape I had never tried before, so I threw it in my virtual shopping basket and OF COURSE, it ended up being ridiculously flattering. However, 130€ is a bit much for a swimsuit on my budget, so I ended up ordering another one which I'll do a post about soon.

CONCLUDING: yes, shopping online can be a bad idea. For example when you make a lot of impulse purchases, or when you buy abroad from  places that don't have great return policies. I mean, I love shops like ASOS, but if I want to return even a small package, it easily costs at least 15€ to get it back to the UK. And that's just ridiculous, you know? Quite often, this results in keeping an item you're not even really into, just because you don't want to pay to send it back. 

Luckily, more and more shops are popping up that offer free shipping both ways, which seriously reduces the risk of online shopping. I have both a Kiala point and a post office at walking distance from my doorstep, so shopping online is actually more hassle free than shopping in physical stores. Zalando has recently extended their return policy in such a way that now, you have an astonishing 100 days (rather than 30) to make up your mind about whether or not the new items will make permanent additions to your wardrobe, which is much longer than what real stores offer. Use that time and rid yourself of mis-buys FOREVER!

For more info, check out Zalando's new commercial.

PS, Zalando: most women make their own money now, you can stop with the advertisements that focus on women being ashamed/chastised for their purchases by their boyfriend/husband. I am an adult, I can decide what to do with my own money! :-D you know what my boyfriend nags about? Having to take my pictures.

Lazy boyfriend.

What are your favourite things about shopping online? Tips, or pitfalls?


  1. Jammer dat ze hun werknemers uitbuiten, maar zolang je gratis verzending heen en terug hebt en stressvrij kunt passen het het waard natuurlijk!

  2. Dat van die werknemers is een vrij oud verhaal en ging over zaken waar pakweg amazon zich ook aan schuldig maakt. H&M laat zijn kleren dan weer maken in onveilige, instortende fabrieken. Point is: mode en consumeren oo het niveau dat wij doen is gewoon moreel niet koosjer, waar je ook koopt. And let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  3. Def. it's No. 4! This is why I love online shopping. Also I like online shops where I can pay afterwards like Zalando and H&M. But unfortunaltely my last Zalando order was a disaster. I only kept one of six items, sent five back, but they only registered 2 items in their system and now they want me to pay about 150€ instead of 50€. :/ Of course I did a complain and now they are searching for the other items in their storage. But well... that's def. a "con" of online shopping.

  4. Leuke post! Ik ben altijd voorzicht bij online shoppen en ik heb t nog niet veel gedaan omdat ik er gewoon niet echt veel van weet, maar dit maakt weer één en ander duidelijk, so thank you! Lazy boyfriend indeed ;)

  5. oh that sucks! I've never had that happen to me :s hope they sort it out! stalk them on twitter and facebook, that often helps :D

  6. That picture of your boyfriend - adorably hilarious!

  7. Leuke post! Puntje 4 is heel handig :D

  8. My favorite thing about online shopping: There's always a sale somewhere on the internet!

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