Ultra Casual in Cheap Monday, Selected and Nike Roshe Runs

vest: Cheap Monday - trousers, necklace: Selected - sneakers: Nike Roshe Run

WEW, I've been gone for long, haven't I? Sorry! Last week was incredibly busy at work and just life in general. But here's an outfit for ya to tide you over for Sunday.

I totally look like I'm on the way to the gym, it hardly gets any more sporty/casual than this. The make up and necklace sort of make this outfit a bit fancier though. I actually wore this to work: yeay for casual workplaces. And especially yeay for the gorgeous weather last week! I'm so ready for more spring days. Dresses and skirts sans tights, yessss pleaaaase.

The best thing about my look today, without a doubt, is my golden/green smokey eye courtesy of Clinique. My friend Eline won a contest last week that included a professional make up artist doing us up all prettily, and this was the end result. The make up artist used the On Safari eyeshadow quad in shades of gold and green, which are colours I usually don't go for myself. I was totally convinced though! Definitely going to try and recreate this look myself.

Nice, right? And I'm always in the market for a new make up look.

Do you have any experience with Clinique beauty products? I'm testing some of their products right now, you can expect a review soon.


  1. Perfect casual outfit!
    Our eye color is actually pretty similar, the brown of my iris is just a bit smaller :p pretty make-up look!


  2. Leuke outfit, die casual broek is wel mijn ding.
    En je make up is prettyyyyyyy

  3. mijn dagcreme is van clinique en die is echt de beste ever :)