Maxi Dress, Converse, Statement Necklace

Maxi dress: ASOS - sweater: Zara - sneakers: Converse - necklace: c/o Oasap (super cheap at only 14$!) - watch: Zadig&Voltaire
pictures by Paulien

Some seriously schizofrenic weather took me from wearing tights and wooly scarves to this maxi dress + bare legs ensemble in just two days. Not that I'm complaining, I'm taking as much sun as I can get, even if it's only there for one afternoon. And it feels so good to be able to wear my summer clothes again.

See my necklace? I've been dressing very low key and minimalist lately, and I felt like my look could use an injection of sunshine now that spring is here. I had my monthly Oasap credit lying around, so I spent it on these three colourful necklaces: number one and number two, the second one in both aqua and yellow. And I'm glad I did because I've been wearing them a lot.

Which one is your fave?

PS yeaaaay, monday /sarc. Let's stay strong together and work our asses off until the weekend! :-D


  1. oh boy! I am going to abuse this way of communication :))
    kidding! but I had to comment on those necklaces because they look gorgeous - I can see myself wearing them both , easy to match and the blue one ? to die for! gorgeous!
    have fun wearing them!
    and I so envy you for the good weather you had there- drooling!

  2. thank you! and we're back to 11°Celsius so don't be too jealous :D

  3. So much to love! The statement necklaces are fabulous; I can't pick a favorite. And that sparkly sweater adds a little zing and a lot of awesome structure to the outfit. Excellent.

  4. Not how I would have worn it, but it suits you, especially with the sweater on! oh and #2 is my fave out of the three, such a pretty colour :)

  5. Pretty! ach maandag is weeral bijna om ;)

  6. Prachtige outfit! En die ketting maakt het helemaal af, beide kleuren zijn gewoon prachtig

  7. Echt leuke ketting :) ik heb precies nog veel looks in te halen hier :p was weer op een commentpauze ;) Die aqua ketting vind ik echt supermooi! Als je hem ooit wil verkopen, you know where to find me