Jungle Sweater, Baroque Pencil Skirt

Sweater: c/o Zalando - skirt: Selected - boots: Zara - watch: Zadig&Voltaire - sunglasses: ASOS
pictures by Sophie

Hey babes. I'm feeling great. I've sort of completed two important (small) projects way ahead of the deadline, and I live for that shit. You know those people who thrive under pressure, doing their best work in the last hours before having to deliver? Yeah, that's not me. I love starting WAY EARLY on projects, preparing everything right away so that my job is virtually done with lots of time left to smooth out the last edges. That's me. I'm only happy when everything is in its right place, when I have a plan laid out and when everything goes according to that plan. 

I can be a bit of a pain in the ass. But bitches get stuff done. And I never feel quite as good, quite as accomplished as when I've finished something to a satisfactory standard.

Btw, another work outfit for you guys. I picked up the boots in the very last days of the sales (sales were actually over already, but there were still some bargains to be had) for only 20€. I had been in love with the boots ever since they made their first appearance on the Zara website. I even tried them on, but I couldn't justify spending ANOTHER 80€ on ANOTHER pair of black ankle boots, especially since these are in faux patent leather. However, 20€? Last pair in my size? Good luck saying no to that. Also, they are very comfortable despite having a proper heel.

What stimulates you professionally? Are you a last minute racer, or do you get a kick out of preparing everything meticulously like I do?


  1. Fab boots! Great deal! Love them!
    And work? eww - I feel its "breath" on my neck :))) Me? def a person who likes to do things ahead - I function irrationally under stress :)) and deal lines are def a huge stress.
    congrats on finishing your projects ahead of time!

  2. I'm a little bit of both, sometimes I'll start on projects way ahead, sometimes I really need the pressure to get me going!

  3. That's me you're talking about. ^^ I've finished my 35 page thesis for uni 1 month before deadline and am very content now! :D
    I'd prefer those boots with a platform. Just can't get used to a chunky heel without a platform in the front. Anyway, I love the patent leather look!

  4. haha well I like everything with a platform, so I'm not going to argue with you on that one! :D

  5. Daaamn girl, you know how to dress ;) Die sweater maakt het helemaal af.

    En ik ben echt helemaal zoals jou, alles mooi op voorhand voorbereiden en uitplannen waardoor ik eigenlijk echt een paar weken op voorhand klaar ben ;) Mijn thesis bijvoorbeeld had ik ook zo'n 3 weken op voorhand af ;) haha zoooo relaxing ;)

  6. Definitely a last minute racer :) even though I can be both sometimes, it depends on my mood.

  7. supermooi! Die trui staat u geweldig!

  8. Eternal procrastinator and last minute girl here and I hates it >.<

  9. Haha I always feel awesome when I finish something satisfactorily, but unfortunately it tends to be at the last minute. I've always been that way. Wish I wasn't though!

    But anyway, you look awesome. The print on this sweater is super cool and colorful! Loving those patent boots too.

  10. I'm such a last minute racer.. I wish I was more like you :D
    Naomi, x