Engagement Rings for Every Style: Boho, Modern and Romantic

Since you all seemed to enjoy my post about wedding inspiration last time, I thought I'd revisit the subject with a little feature on how engagement rings can suit any type of style or personality. Whether you consider yourself bohemian chic, modern design or a vintage romantic, I got some ideas for you to consider. PLUS I picked out a wedding dress to go with each style, because picking out wedding dresses is basically the most fun thing ever. Enjoy!


 Boho yellow diamond engagement ring: Natalie K

First up, without a doubt the most "out there" style and engagement ring. When I think of bohemian, I think of Girls' Jessa, whose look is defined by her carefree long hair and equally flowy outfits. Of course you wouldn't want to bother Jessa with some basic little engagement ring, she'd either want a piece with a story (like, pawned from a down-on-her-luck former flapper girl or something) or some baller-ass expensive rock like this yellow diamond engagement ring I used in the collage. Obviously, a true boho girl will just keep wearing whatever jewelry she already has, so the engagement ring would have some competition from other pieces and even other metals. However, with an eyecatcher like a coloured diamond, that won't be an issue.

And a boho girl needs a sexy dress that will take her from Woodstock to a beach wedding in a second. Source


Modern engagement ring: Danhov

The dress and mules I featured in this collage are from COS, and I think the brand would appreciate an architectural engagement ring like this one from Danhov. Out of the three, this is probably my favourite look. I'd swap the mules for some Nikes (Roshe Runs!) for daily use since I suck so hard at wearing heels. But when your outfit is built on minimalistic, elegant pieces like these you can just as easily dress it up or down with some minor changes.

 Removing all the fuss can make a striking impression, as demonstrated by this modern column wedding dress. Source


Heritage style engagement ring: Barclay's jewelry, diamond earrings: diamondstuds.com

I'll always have a soft spot for vintage/heritage style jewelry. The geometric shape of the ring I chose almost gives it a bit of a Great Gatsby swing, but I honestly think a piece like this works with any type of style because its elegance transcends time and fashion. I especially love how the ring works with the snowflake earrings even though the pieces are obviously not "matching" in the true sense of the word. They incorporate the same aesthetic though, and they are both hexagonal! Out of all three, this is probably the ring I would pick.

Nothing screams romance like layers of organza/tulle. And I totally love waist accents like these on wedding dresses! Source

Which of these is your fave? What style of engagement ring/wedding dress would you go for?


  1. I won't say no to a huge yellow diamond, but I also prefer classic, heirloom type, of rings.

  2. You'd have to be a bit of an asshole to turn down a huge yellow diamond :D

  3. De bohemien look die je hebt samengesteld is prachtig!

  4. I LOVE that romantic vintage dress!

  5. Ik ben wel meer het romantic vintage girl dan, maar ik vind de ring van de tweede look wel heel speciaal :)

  6. Super leuk! Ik heb mijn ring en kleed al maar toch heel tof om te lezen ;) Ik ga voor BOHO! zo mooi!

  7. The first dress is a looker! Very bohemian yet sophisticated.

  8. Ik ben echt wel een romantic/vintage soul :p Denk dat ik nog altijd voor een witte jurk ga. Alhoewel een strand-wedding mij ook iets zegt en ik dan duidelijk meer voor bohemian moet gaan

  9. die twee zijn ook mijn favorieten. Maar ik wil ook wel een jurk waar ik in kan eten, bustier jurken zijn meestal ZERO stretch en dan ga ik dood

  10. ooooh ik wil uw ring en kleed zien!