Efteling pt. 1: Outfit

Since I have more than a BAJILLION pictures lying around from my outing to the Efteling, I'm splitting up my report in two parts. I actually dozed off last night while editing my pictures, FOR REAL. That's how many pictures I had to sort through. And that's why I didn't post last night. This damned cold is sapping me of my strength!

First up: outfit, because it would be a bit ridic to first post lots of pictures of me strolling around in the Efteling and then tell you "btw I was wearing this". LOGICS!

top, bra: H&M - sunglasses: Claire's - shorts: Lucky brand cutoffs - sneakers: New Look - bracelets: Etsy - watch: c/o Swatch 
 For what my sis is wearing: check her blog!

Comfortable and colorful! And a little teaser for my humungous Efteling post to go up tomorrow :)


  1. Editing should be a form of exercising really cos we working our fingers on those mouse is very tiring as in your case. Im loving the shorts.


    P.s one of your looks this week made my best dressed this week post. check it out on http://notsopoisonous-ivy.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/this-week-best-dressed_26.html

  2. Oh de efteling! Ik word binnen een week 23 en ben er nog nooit geweest! Dringend werk van maken!

  3. Crazy, sexy, cool it's you! Hope you'll feel better soon :*

  4. You look so quirky and carefree in the photos. Love the denim shorts too! =)

  5. ZO'n enorme aanrader! wist je dat de efteling meermaals bekroond is geweest als beste pretpark TER WERELD? het is echt een klasse apart hoor. GAAN!

  6. IK WIL OOK NAAR EEN PRETPARK. En je outfit is leuk! Simpel, maar tof :)


  7. De Efteling is de max! Zolang ik me kan herinneren, gaan we minstens één keer per jaar (grote fan ook van Winterefteling!). Ook al ben ik in januari nog pas geweest, zaterdag gaan we weer en ik kan amper wachten!!!!


  8. ik wil eigenlijk ook snel alweer gaan, het is zo leuk!

  9. Really liking the quirky New Look Sneakers - so cute!! I really want some little blue vans that look quite similar - think it's an adorable look - really preppy and goes with everything