We go where eagles dare

I skipped school again today, this semester I'm a slackmaster, ohyeah. It's my boyfriend's fault though, he was feeling too sick to go to work and I have such a long day ahead (classes from 10.30 til 12.30 and then from 3 pm til 6 pm), and if I have to go with public transport, I'll be home around 7.30 pm at the earliest. The longer I'm studying in Antwerp, the more it annoys me that I have to take public transport to go to classes, it takes up way too much time and energy. Oh well. My slacking has its upsides though, I spend lots of time with the boyfriend and we have fun making up childish lyrics to existing songs.

I felt very regal in this outfit here, I always love red and this cute little coral dress is just a fresher version of red. Coral is one of my favorite colors for clothes. And my favorite boots go with anything. I wore my leopard coat to go out, and leopard looks sooooo gorgeous with red/coral! I felt all girly, like I was playing dress up in my closet like I used to do when I was little. My parents used to own a boutique, and they had a huge box full of silk scarves. I tied them around me like a skirt + top and then I pretended to be Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame I sang and danced around in the living room. I'll post some pictures from when I was a little kid one of these days!

dress: mango
cardigan: zara
boots: h&m
ring: pimkie

and one more of two of my cats sleeping in their favorite chair. Coincidental or not, it is also my boyfriend's computerchair. He totally spoils them so instead of shoo-ing them out of the chair, he carefully moves it and sits in on of our uncomfortable dining table chairs :D


  1. Oh wow how darling is your cat photo! :D So so so cute! :)

    The boots are very cool with that dress Annebeth. And the belt too. Super chic chick! :D

  2. Adorable kitties!
    And great coat. I love the color of your dress too!

  3. red, black and white - one can't go wrong w/ that combination ;-)) xx