Radar Love

My cat is allright, thanks all you guys who asked! She has an irritated bowel thingy going and we need to feed her boiled chicken filet for two weeks. Stupid cat is spoiled rotten with expensive meat, and now she won’t even eat it! haha
I saw I was featured in this video, how awesome is that!!!!

I’m totally psyched and honored. I really love how easy chictopia is to use, and how it brings all kinds of cool people to your attention, without them being totally out of reach. They can easily become friends… :) Now I’m getting ready for class as I REALLY should be going to class at least ONE day of the week, bye bye!!

blouse: pimkie
shorts: old jeans cut up
shoes: h&m
bracelet: h&m


  1. talking about sick male cats, i got the worst hangover ever :( you better translate this into dutch if you want it to make sense. and hey awesome you're in that vid. it's a pretty awesome vid.

    also love the way you smile in the last pics =) i heart your smiles in general. you smile a lot, you're a real smooth smiler!


  2. Cool video!! :)

    And cool look Annebeth!! :) You wear shorts better than anyone I know! :D