Je veux nager

Here you go, this is the outfit I wore to go shopping. I’m glad I finally found a way to wear my polkadotted tights with another print, I like it like this!
I was dressed all black, while my friend was dressed almost all white, funny contrast! I’m kind of tired today so I’m not in the mood to write a lot. I’m going to chill, maybe go for a walk because the weather is so nice. Not very warm or sunny, but there is a nice breeze that clears up your head. I’m not that big a fan of walks, but sometimes I get something like that stuck in my head and then I really want to go for a walk :D

 dress: h&m
skirt: h&m
coat: pimkie
boots: texto
tights: h&m

Have a nice weekend, everybody!


  1. Love this look! FUN!!! :D

    Cute tights!! Fab legs!! :D HOT Boots!! :D

  2. Oh this is so awesome. I love the contrast of ladylike and edgy/causal with the t-shirt. The jacket is all: "Hello Miss". And the t-shirt-dress is all like: "Bam, we're watching Star Wars later tonight and drinking some beer." In fact, I think I need to buy that dress. H&M, eh?

    I love your style.


  3. hahaha thanks for the hilarious comments, girls :D