I'm spinning around

There are upsides to being sick together as a couple: my boyfriend and I took the day off and we cleaned the living room. We’re planning on some redecorating whenever we have some cash to spare. Some family members gave us their old furniture because they wanted to get rid of it and change their entire living room, but the two leather couches we got are still in incredible shape, very nice. They aren’t entirely my style, but as we say in dutch: you shouldn’t look into a given horse’s mouth. Haha :D Does your country have weird sayings like that?
What is your favorite interior design-style? I’m not a fan of stuff that’s too modern or too classic/old fashioned, I like warm colors and lots of wood. Or something very elegant and retro. Something that irks me everytime I watch an interior design show on television is that americans always seem to pack their home with small trinkets and tacky stuff. A couch so packed with pillows you can't even sit in it, or walls with silly semi-artwork etcetera. I'm not that big a fan of clean/empty interiors either though. Haha I'm such a difficult one to satisfy :D




I'd especially love a wall with a print like this forest here, or a sunset on a hawaiian beach or something: SO cool :D


I love houses that seem to bring a bit of nature inside. I don't like industrial-style lofts etc.

How did you guys feel about the oscars? I haven’t seen The Hurt Locker yet, but I’ve seen all the movies it was up against and I didn’t think those deserved it so I guess I agree with the jury.

dress: pimkie
tights: pimkie
boots: pimkie
scarf: pimkie
coat: pimkie

omg :D I didn't realise it until I typed it. I need a sponsorship!


  1. wait a minute you guys think cleaning together is.. fun ? that's indeed sick! you really do fit together well :d

  2. Cute look chick! I love those tights, I have some very close to those in colour. The whole outfit pops with the white coat. You look great (and a lot better with no cold/flu/sickness.

    We have the sort of house vibe you describe. I will take some photos. Some of our best furniture comes from a small shop in Amsterdam would you believe! :D

  3. I do believe it, Amsterdam is filled with amazing shops where you can find one of a kind furniture!

    @ shana: you should see us together when we clean, we sing silly versions of silly songs and make up our own lyrics, we laugh a lot :D

  4. Love this outfit. You look amazing!

  5. if you want to, you can borrow my snow white's dress ( I owned one when I was around twelve.. we'd probably still fit in :P), sing her cleaning song! Your boyfriend can represent all the dwarfs and your cats the animals. Or vice versa, if you prefer :D
    on your sponsorship comment I was thinking, really thinking, that without a doubt you'd do well in a campaign for their clothing! You should give your blog link and a motivation letter to the pimkie management, I do think they'd at least doubt to let you come over! I think your height wouldn't be a problem. Won't you consider it?

  6. Love this outfit. You look amazing!

  7. wait a minute you guys think cleaning together is.. fun ? that's indeed sick! you really do fit together well :d