I turned into a martian

So here's my first bit of streetstyle blogging! These are the first few people I "scouted" while going about my day in Antwerp, before and after classes. I saw so many gorgeous, stylish people, but a lot of them were on bikes and I wasn't ready to throw myself in front of them yet :D Maybe next time! It's truly remarkable how many bikeriders in Antwerp look amazing.

Here's the first person I met, a very sweet woman on the train to Antwerp. I immediately noticed her reading her book with a calm demeanor and graceful look, which was emphasized by the forest colors she was dressed in. The fur trimming and the cute deer-pin totally finished the simple but beautiful look.

my next "victim" was a supercool girl I immediately noticed (you'll probably guess why :)) when I got off my train and she was getting on it. She was immediately on board with my request and posed like a streetstyle pro! I love girls like her that don't give a f*** about what anyone thinks, takes balls the size of melons to pull of a look like that.

next was a classmate of mine. I noticed his bow tie and cool shoes first, but when I went up to ask him for his picture, I saw that he had shaved half his facial hair, totally awesome! I like surprises like that. Yes, he just came to class looking like this. So you see, I don't even stand out the most in my class!

he shared his outfit details with me:
shirt: Day Birger et Mikkelsen
pants: Fittz
Shoes: Etro
bow tie: Etro

The next inspiring and drop dead gorgeous people I noticed where a couple shopping in COS. Too bad the lighting was so bad there since they are absolutely stunning and I didn't really capture it perfectly on camera (not that I claim I did with the other pictures, haha). The woman was wearing a sand-colored jumpsuit with those awesome shoes and pretty, classic coat and the guy was just looking pretty much perfect. I think my female readers will agree :)

I really apologize to the girl because the flash washes her out and she was utterly gorgeous irl, I bet they are both models. But I think you can see how pretty she is anyway :)

My last find were these two guys, looking stylish as hell in there casual rocker outfits.

And they are both adorable to boot!

I want to apologize for the crappy pictures, but I don't have a great camera (totally need a new one) and I didn't have the courage yet to have people pose in the right place, with the right lighting. I hope you like it! :)

my own outfit:

I feel like shit btw, my glands are swollen, I have a horrible throat- and headache, a fever and all my muscles are stiff. Bleh


  1. love your street style photos! great idea!! you found some very stylish people!! good job! ;)

    i also do like your green fingernails A LOT!
    xo Nina

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling yuck Annebeth, hope its gone by tomorrow!

    I love the skirt and the coat fab, the skirt is very me, it is super cute.

    The street photos are great, did people seem surprised when you asked them? I wonder how they would react here in London? Looking forward to seeing more!! :). Its been 9 months since I was in Antwerp but the station is so very familiar, I used to come once a month for work.

    Get better!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I wish the people here had such awesome style.

  4. I love how you draped that scarf and cute poofy skirt! That elegant lady is so amazing. I love her style. Also, the badass girl right under her is my favourite, too! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments, people! @ kim: the young people all reacted very nice to my request, immediately on board with the plan. The older woman was apprehensive at first because she isn't a huge fan of the internet and she wasn't feeling her look that day, but she turned around :) I was quite nervous to talk to her, though! And I'm actually a really spontaneous person :D

  6. Yeah I guess anyone young has seen something like it on the internet. I think you picked some cool people to photograph!

    I loved the boots on the "supercool girl" I think they would rock with that skirt I blogged the other day, the one I said was a little punk. You were right on that its not so punk, I agree. :D