Hey hey mister blue sky

So sorry for two days in a row with a not THAT inspired picture, but you know how inspiration is, it comes and it goes! And if the sun is shining this hard, you get pictures like these: not clear at all, but I kind of like it… Let me know if you don’t, I’ll remember not to put pictures like this up! :D

dress: h&m
wedges: sacha
sunglasses: claire's

My boyfriend and I are taking the day of because of the beautiful weather. We’re going to take our cat to the vet because she seems so skinny and a bit sad lately. She’s a real sensitive cat and we always see it if she’s not feeling great. Poor kitty :( Hope you have weather as nice as we! Not nicer because that would make me jealous. Haha :D


  1. Love love love the stripes! And the glasses are perfect. And the pictures look fine to me.

  2. Love those wedge shoes! They made me realise I have zero white shoes other than sports shoes! I might have to get some.

    Cute dress!!!

    Kitty okay Annebeth?

  3. How nice you and your boyfriend can take the day off for the nice weather! wish we could do that too! I loved your outfit and your sun happy poses :)

  4. Oh and sweetheart, have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiGm8i93XVw&feature=player_embedded

    You'll love it!!! Yes! :)

  5. omg so cool, I'm actually in that video!!! :D thanks so much!

    btw the cat is alright, she has a bowel infection or something and we need to feed her boiled chicken each day now, haha