Don't have a penny but I'll show you a good time

Hey guys! First I want to say that I feel like a load has dropped off my shoulders now my french presentation is over: our presentation went great, I totally owned the debate afterwards and the professor didn’t have anything negative to say so I’m incredibly pleased! :)
The group after us had a presentation about blogging and how it competed with "serious" journalism, so you bet I got in there and debated my ass off. I think bloggers and journalists have an entire different task in the media: journalists should try and be objective and will always write with someone looking over their shoulder. Bloggers are free, for the largest part, and are valued for their individuality and "real"ness. I really hate it when journalists nowadays get all scoop-crazy because they are being chased by the internet (and the internet will always be faster). This just leads to journalists publishing incorrect or inaccurate information, while it is the duty of the press to inform. A couple of months ago, the papers wrote that our queen had died. It was just something they had picked up on some site on the internet, written by a "source" called Jos Joskens, the dutch equivalent of John Johnson, listing a fake phonenumber a la 0478 000 000. And they still published it.
Seriously you guys, this is big news, you don't just publish something like that without checking your sources. The same thing happened when a spree-killing took place in a daycare centre, half an hour from where I live. The media battled to have the first story, so on every newschannel you heard something different: 10 dead, 2 dead, no dead etcetera. This isn't acceptable.

Anyway, excuse my rant, but I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter :)
I also got a nice refund of money back so I have some more financial leverage right now: does anyone have a tip for a good point and shoot camera, not costing an insane amount of money? I'm thinking of starting a section on my blog with streetstyle photography since Antwerp is filled with REALLY cool looking people. While I was walking to class today, it suddenly struck me how cool it could be to add some streetstyle photography to my blog since I don't know any Belgian Streetstyleblogs. And ofcourse, when I had the idea stuck in my head, I suddenly started noticing all kinds of people looking all kinds of cool. And I think I'm going to do it! I might try and start tomorrow. I just wonder of my current camera is up for it, so if the pictures fail, you won't get to see anything, haha :-D I'll just have to buy a new and better camera then. It is quite an investment, but this blogging thing isn't a fling, I love it. And if I'm truly going to work professionally as a fashion journalist, I'll need my own camera anyway :) I don't need or want anything fancy, just a point and shoot thingy will do.

this was my outfit today:

skirt: h&m
top: h&m
jacket: pimkie
boots: texto
necklace: h&m

and this is what I made for my boyfriend (I don't like chocolate pie :()
this is what it was supposed to look like:

this is what it ended up looking like:

here you can see the filling!

He loved the surprise so I guess it is a mission accomplished! :D


  1. Yuuuummmmy!!!!That cake (pie) looks wonderful!!! :D Send me some please! :)

    And I love that skirt with the leather jacket, the black and pink is cool. Its a great look! For some reason it makes me think of the character "Pris from the Ridley Scott movie Bladerunner. :D

  2. Ops, I meant to say I have a Panasonic Lumix TZ5 camera and I love it. And really importantly, well done on the French! :D

  3. pris rocks! Great inspiration! I think I'm going for Samsung, they have great stuff and are a lot cheaper than most bigger names.

  4. So I have been thinking on your discussion on where blogging and journalism diverge, meet and converge.

    Here is my profound statement on the topic... :D

    I think every time there has been a change in communications technology a new form of journalism has emerged. If you think back 100 years or so everything was about newspapers, along came radio and I bet the new "live" journalists on air on the radio we seen by the "old hands" in print as impostors, not real journalists, not in touch with the main stream audience and rebels. I would also bet that when the TV was invented and the subsequent move to TV press the radio guys felt the same way as the newspaper guys did about the TV journalists.

    Now we have a new medium where anyone can report on anything and one that is likely to self regulate over time. And if you think of those labels I mentioned about they are the same set put on people now. Impostors, not real journalists, not in touch with the main stream audience and rebels. But like every other time we know different.

    Now the bigger question is for the first time we are seeing a link between journalism and the ability (through technology) to make money off our views and importantly influence a market. That has a huge long term impact, not in the least of how does a blogger stay impartial. And I while I have no answer to that I have no answer to this question either... what s the future for blogging with the cloud off issues of copyright and digital rights management hanging over our heads!

    Phew, all that said, go and check out my cute boots! lolol :D

  5. i love your outfit!!! yummy cake!!!

    *following* you now!!

  6. That pie looks amazing! I'm in journalism classes as well and in North America the media is so slanted it's hard to take seriously anymore. 23 journalists ran with the torch for the Olympics... do you think they're going to be reporting on the good and bad of the Olympics objectively? Not likely.

  7. My point is, at least if the news is in the hands of many instead of the few many more truth will show itself. :)

  8. P.S. I love the H&M tutus! You look so cute.

  9. I apologize for just not having any opinion about the media in general, mostly since I cut myself off from most of it, but I do have to say that I would be very excited to see some street style here on your blog! It is SO very interesting to see what people are wearing in any given city on any given day and I think You have an eye for style! You would be great at it!

  10. I have a hard time believing journalists especially now after the earthquake in Chile. There are forces beyond journalism that interfere with it (maninly political). I've seen how news about the earthquake are manipulated to gain political control. Many people are living in fear by the so-called lootings, mostly there are rumours and the journalists 'inform' this to the population creating chaos and panic attacks in vulnerable people. It's hard nowadays to find a reliable source of info. That's all I can say now, I'm still shocked by the quake and right now i'm feeling an aftershock.. dsffd

    Regarding your outfit, I love that tutu skirt I asked my boyfriend to buy it in H&m since here we don't have that shop. And he bought me one very similar from Zara. I can't wait to have it.

  11. I agree with both Mitzi and Chio in that the closer to the news and I am thinking not so much about distance but how much impact does the news have on that person or group of people the more real the reporting is. :) Oh god that is way too deep for a before work post on your wonderful blog Annebeth! :D :D

  12. YES, that is one more thing I hate about the media: they spread chaos and fear by always trying to be first with news. And everyone knows that bad news or scary news is more "popular" than positive news... To me, journalists who spread fear amongst the people just to be popular are no better than terrorists. They both have fear as a goal. At least most terrorists do it because they believe in something. Journalists just do it for money and kicks.

    Ofcourse they probably don't do it that consciously, but someone with a job THAT important SHOULD be doing everything consciously.

    Mitzi: you have it even worse than we :D the media of the USA are almost a laughing stock over here because they are so politically colored. Our papers still have some political background, but it doesn't affect the reporting that much anymore. If we see a news report or a "serious" show on american television, it often comes across to us as entertainment or biased.

  13. 1000% Agree, we always watch Fox news for a laugh as on any subject it will trace back to Obama doing something wrong!! I am surprised Fox have not blamed World War II on Obama! :D :D