Reclaiming my blog for me

Life has been a lot, man. I'm writing this in january, 2021, after a year and a half of getting dangerously close to a burnout, getting stuck in covid lockdown after lockdown, getting therapy, evolving as a person, setting new priorities, losing bits of myself and finding new ones. We've come a long way since I blogged daily, but I'm not at the point where I want to fully abandon this blog, this online diary of mine that I've kept for over ten years. It has been a creative outlet when I hated my job, a place to connect with like minded spirits, a way for me to hone my skills and challenge myself, and a means to convince others of what I had to offer. 

I'm still not sure if I'm a big fan of the switch from blogs to Instagram - things have become more superficial, more commercialized, more impermanent. But it doesn't have to be that way.  I just have to be aware of the fact that my blog is my blog. I don't have to blog for any audience, to answer to any sort of internalized set of expectations with regards to subject or frequency. Honestly, I second-guess myself too often, to a point where if I break my habit of frequent posts that "measure up" to whatever imagined benchmark I have in my mind, I feel like it's not worth blogging anymore at all. I want to get over that shit. And I want to reconnect with what made me excited with blogging in the first place. 

This lockdown has got me all introspective (sounds better than navelgaze-y), do you relate? I hope all of this gets me closer to me, though. If there's one goal I want to set myself, it's living authentically. As lame as that sounds.
I want to try writing in my mother tongue. I want to share outfits when I feel like it. I want to talk about my life. I want to use this space to start a conversation about the social justice issues that lie close to my heart.

So here goes nothing. Reclaiming my blog, bringing it back to what it was in the beginning. Something I did because I wanted to, leaving my own little mark on the digital world, for whoever happened to read it. 

Stay a while.


  1. Hooray on reclaiming your blog as your creative outlet! And yes, I still find value in blogs as a space for deeper conversations, but I also totally recognize mulling over the sense and nonsense of having a blog in the year 2021 (I ended up moving my blog to a different domain and starting a podcast to keep things fresh)

  2. Yay I love this! 100% agree dat instagram zo oppervlakkig en fleeting is. het is wel leuk om daar ook een community te hebben maar ik mis de conversaties die je op blogs meer en dieper kon hebben. Aan de andere kant is he took moeilijk om te blijven bloggen als er niet veel reactie op komt, maar zoals je zegt het is leuk om gewoon voor jezelf te doen en als archief te hebben! En ik blijf altijd fan <3

  3. Yes!! I feel ya, maar ik ben er zelf nog steeds blij mee om mijn 'verhaal' te vertellen en ik vind het vooral zelf nog altijd leuk om te doen! gewoon doen, ik lees nog altijd heel graag blogs, vertellen toch iets meer dan sociale media die meestal heel vluchtig zijn! xx

  4. Agree with all this 100%!! And in my opinion, blogs are here to stay! Insta is quick & fun, but I still love curling up with my coffee & reading my fave blogs each weekend!! xo

    My Curated Wardrobe

  5. Snap, this is exactly how I feel now about my blog!
    Only difference is, I started mine as slow fashion inspo to help women over 40 shop more consciously. But it has evolved into so many other things besides fashion and has become more like a personal diary.
    Also I'm not loving Instagram micro blogs.

  6. Hi! I just found your blog. I LOVE this revival of passion projects blogs. I think, like the typewriter, they have become so uncool and archaic, they're hip again. Social media and algorithms are a little fast for me, I'm really happy to be part of slow blogging and long blogrolls!

  7. Zin in! En nu al benieuwd naar wat je gaat delen. Take your time, you do you & er ontstaat sowieso wel wat moois <3

  8. Beautiful post and what a wonderful perspective to have right now. I have always considered my blog as my online journal that I do mostly for my own personal creative outlet. But if I can help or inspire someone else along the way then even better! Stay true to yourself always and you will soar!


  9. What a refreshing post! I started my blog as a creative outlet 6 years ago with no idea who was ever going to read it - but I knew it brought me joy. I too have lost my way many time, usually because I am comparing myself to others or numbers on social media. What a refreshing idea to simply take your blog back to what is authentic and brings you joy. I looks forward to seeing where you take it!

  10. Hi! Just wanted to say that I used to follow you and your beautiful sister (Canon Girl I think?) back in the good ol' blogging days. I was just thinking to myself "I wonder if The Styling Dutchman still exists" and BAM, you've done a new post! Hurray! Very exciting times. Anyway hi, and thanks for being cool, and bye.

    - Kirsten.

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