Wishlist: spring footwear trends

Hi babes! As I'm writing this, it is Sunday night and the end of a gorgeously sunny, surprisingly warm winter weekend, I'm soooo ready for spring. I'm basically dreaming of airy dresses, sandals and soft serve ice cream, but it all seems so far away still. Especially since the "upcoming trips" tab in my Airbnb profile is 100% empty right now - so depressing. Once you start travelling, you really start living from trip to trip because those moments (to me at least) are like a concentrated dose of everything that makes life worth living, to hype you up enough to get through the daily grind. 

There are upsides, though! Next weekend I'm meeting up with my besties to start planning our California road trip which I'm sooooo psyched for, and I just received the new Schoenen Torfs Choez magazine in the mail (available online here), which I contributed to by writing up some style tips for spring 2018.

The magazine is chock full of new trends, which got me going on a little online window shopping. Nothing too serious, no commitment, just trying to get an idea of what is out there and which pairs might help fill that ever-present gap in my wardrobe.

First shoe I always look for is the perfect pair of comfortable sandals that are still relatively cute/stylish. I have very difficult feet (should totally get myself to a podiatrist some time), and I always do a lot of walking in the summer when the sun is out, which makes my plantar fasciitis play up. Some of the only sandals I have been able to do a full day of pain free walking in are my Nike Roshe sandals (which they don't seem to make anymore) and Tevas. In addition, since I only have a couple of pairs that truly work for me, I wear them heavily through summer which makes them wear out very quickly. These knit Tevas look comfortable and the abstract monochrome print goes with everything, definitely an option to keep in mind!

Second, how cute are these bright red Who's That Girl flatforms? I'm totally like Bambi on ice in that I always twist my ankle, even when I'm wearing just regular flat sandals, so flatforms are always risky for me, but these are totally adorable and might make me reconsider.

Third, I've been looking for some work appropriate sneakers, something that would work with a suit when I have a presentation scheduled, and these camo print sneakers are classic but still a bit more funky than those dreadful black/brown/navy leather sneakers you see on every guy who needs a "dressy" shoe but abhors real oxfords. No mam, do not want. 

Number four are these completely irresistible rose gold mules. I mean, do I really need to explain these? Look at them. They are glorious. A little Louis XIV ridiculous, but all the best fashion is a little cray.

Scallop edge fuchsia block heel sandals? Yes please! These Gadea sandals are on the pricey side, and I probably wouldn't pay €120 for such a statement-making pair of heels, but these would be the perfect pair to have in your shoe-wardrobe to get you through all your spring/summer functions without busting your feet. Also, block heels are perfect for garden parties and BBQs. Just don't drop sauce on them.

Finally, these sock sneakers. I know, sock sneakers are objectively ugly shoes. However, I spotted this ridiculously cool Spanish girl wearing the Balenciaga sock sneakers on holiday in the South of France last summer, and that just made it click in my head that these shoes are actually bomb AF. They also look very comfortable. I have no idea if I'd be cool enough to pull them off, but I'm willing to try.

Get your ss18 Choez magazine at Schoenen Torfs right now! What shoes do you have on your wishlist?

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