Wishlist: fall feelings

Since a couple of days ago, fall has officially swooped in with crisp mornings, golden foliage and casseroles all day errrday. I'm a summer girl at heart and I'd be happy if I could live in sundresses and sandals forever, but let's be honest: fall fashion is generally the most exciting, and autumn is the best time to get creative. Obviously I have my eye on a bunch of stuff (rainbow striped sweaters! puffer coats! corduroy trousers!), and I always love rounding up some cute and affordable Shein options for a little wardrobe refreshment, so here are some outfit collages I made this weekend. Does anyone remember polyvore? That shit used to be all the rage, man.

fall wishlist

Some obvious slight Halloween/witchy/goth/Wednesday Addams vibes here. I'm seeing these ruffle sleeve striped sweaters/shirts everywhere, and I think it's such a cute look. I'm seriously contemplating ordering that star printed mesh top, imagine how cute it would look under a sleeveless dress or a pinafore! And obviously, lace up thigh highs are epic in every possible way.

fall wishlist

This collage is a little more retro/60s/boho inspired, which is my favourite look year-round. I'm super into all the pearl detailed shoes everywhere inspired by Gucci (wish I could afford the real thing). I've been eyeing this Los Angeles 1960 sweater for over a month now, it's just a matter of time before I click it home. And I don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear this fringe jacket, but I SO admire anyone who is boss enough to rock it.

You see anything you like? :-)

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