Giveaway: L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime 3 step cleansing routine

Time to give something back to my lovely readers! Today I'm reviewing 3 skin renewing, cleansing products of the L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime line, and also inviting you to take part in my giveaway. Three lucky ducklings will get a set of these three products delivered to their doorstep, so keep reading for my thoughts on Pivoine Sublime, and to find out how you can win some for yourself.

I am a huge L'Occitane fan because they are true masters of mixing gorgeous fragrances, and because they succeed so perfectly at providing that luxe, pampering feel. The Pivoine Sublime set I'm giving away contains a micellar make-up remover gel, a 2-in-1 perfecting scrub/peeling oil, and a perfecting toner, all delicately flower-scented and enriched with skin-perfecting peony extract. The peony extract uses natural plant sugars to fix uneven complexion or skin texture. Sounds good, right?

The micellar gel is clear and smells fresh, like white flowers with a hint of apples. I find it very effective at removing my facial makeup, but I don't recommend it for use on your eyes if you have sensitive eyes like I do. I tried it once and it did burn a bit. I like using one or two pumps of this, massaging it into my face, adding a bit of water with my fingertips to emulsify all the grime, and then I use a wet washcloth to remove all of it, leaving me fresh faced. I personally prefer oil-based cleansers because my skin is VERY dry and sensitive, but this gel still works for me and this is a lovely product.

The perfecting scrub contains micro granules that you massage into your dry skin softly. The gel turns into an oil upon contact with the skin, and again, if you add a little bit of water with your fingertips, the gel emulsifies and gives your skin an awesome deep-cleansing, removing all the dead skin. The gel also contains exfoliating agents, so for a more profound effect you apply a thick layer and let it sit for a couple of minutes before removing.

Finally, the Perfecting Toner is applied in the morning and at night. It removes the last traces of makeup, adds moisture and helps restore the acidic balance of your skin that might have been damaged by the deep cleanse you've just done, preparing it to fully absorb the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients of your facial cream. This makes the toner the perfect last step of facial cleansing.

So! Are you ready to try a new cleansing routine and treat yourself to some skin perfecting peony extract? All you have to do is:

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