Outfit: all white in flatform Teva's

all white outfit with teva flatforms and dutch braids

all white outfit with dutch braids
confetti nail art, filligree sunglasses
Dutch braids, filligree sunglasses
all white outfit with teva flatforms
all white outfit with teva flatforms and dutch braids
Shu Uemura x Kye clutch, confetti nail art
 sleeveless shirt: Mango - skirt: Uniqlo - flatform sandals: Teva - clutch: c/o Shu Uemura x Kye - sunglasses: c/o Polette - necklace: Blue Dot Jewelry via Etsy

Apart from my culottes, my biggest Japan purchase was this pair of Teva flatforms. I'd been eyeing them for ages (I mean hello, I grew up with the Spice Girls), but seeing so many people look gorgeous in platform sandals in Japan really drove the point home for me how versatile, modern and cute these are. On our last night in Harajuku, I spotted them marked down to just €50 and that convinced me to just get them. Since then, they've turned out to be super comfortable (haven't rolled my ankle once yet!) and above all, versatile. These look very cute in a completely casual look, but they also work with dresses and skirts to give them a quirky edge.

This look is a bit more thought out than what I usually wear, probably because I've been feeling more inspired since we visited Japan. I totally understand why artists sometimes relocate to a new city to get new creative input, man. Not to sound pretentious or anything. And this Shu Uemura x Kye clutch I just received as a press sample came in just the right time! Kathleen Kye is a Korean fashion designer and Shu Uemura is obviously Japanese, so that cute little clutch slash toiletry bag totally meshed with my current style inspirations. The collection is worth checking out, not just for the pretty packaging but also the makeup looks (those bright colored eyebrows!)

Hope you like the outfit!

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