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NYX haul review

If you're a Belgian boo even only slightly into beauty, you'll have heard (and freaked out) about NYX opening their first Belgian store today, at the Langemunstraat in Gent. I was super excited when I got wind of the news about six months ago, and now the glorious day is finally here! I'm an incredibly lucky beautyblogger and I received a selection of NYX goods to dip my toes in the water before going all out and buying all the things, so let me show you my first impressions and hopefully inform you on which products you might need to add to your stash.

Nyx haul review

Items received:
  • Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt - €13
  • Soft Matte Lipcream in Athens, Caïro and Copenhagen  - €7
  • Liquid Suede in Life's a Beach - €13
  • Full Throttle lipstick in Kiss the Dust - €6
  • Matte lipstick in Crazed - €7
  • and the Born to Glow Illuminator in Gleam - €8
 (prices are approximates)

I'm going to show you arm swatches, full face pictures and close up lip swatches, in that order, so enjoy!

NYX haul review

I was allowed to give the NYX reps a wishlist that they would take into account when filling up a sample bag, and I kept it heavy on nudes, with two sultry darker shades thrown in for good measure. Caïro is not a colour I would have picked myself, way too light, but it's nice to be able to review it for you guys anyway, because the lightest and darkest shades of a formula often show its flaws better than medium-toned nudes do (more forgiving).

Let's dive into it, first up: NYX Liquid Suede in Life's a Beach.

NYX liquid suede Life's a Beach review

The NYX Liquid Suedes are supposed to give your lips a full, soft, velvetty matte effect (like suede, yep) and they come in a typical lipgloss/liquid lipstick tube with a stiff-ish, elongated doefoot applicator.

NYX Liquid Suede Life's a Beach review

Life's a Beach is ultra bright, like a neon popping off of your lips, and the formula looks gorgeous in pictures: definitely a lustrous matte, sort of like suede or velvet. However, I don't dig the formula or the coverage: it goes on quite patchy, and the formula never totally dries down, retaining a sort of tackiness on the lips that creates even more patchiness if you press your lips together or reapply. I'll reserve my final judgment until I've tried another shade, because I've read mixed experiences based on the shade being reviewed, but Life's a Beach is not a winner for me. Edit: I've since gotten used to the formula and have figured out how to make it work. Just let it set for a bit before adding a final layer or before smacking your lips together, and you won't get the patchy end result. I've become a total fan!
It also comes in shades like light blue, though, so even if the formula isn't perfect this is a really cool product if you want to experiment with beauty for parties, cosplay or photoshoots for example.

Now, for NYX Matte lipstick!

NYX Matte Lipstick Crazed review
NYX Matte Lipstick Crazed review

Now this is more like it. I have to say, the NYX matte lipstick in Crazed isn't 100% matte, there's stil a bit of shine there, but the lipfeel is lovely. Super smooth, a thin formula that doesn't cling to dry patches, glides over the lips for easy (re)application, and the dark, cherry-like red is totally stunning. The wear isn't anything amazing, it won't survive a meal or drinks, so that's a con, but this is still a beautiful lipstick I will keep on wearing.

Moving on to the most hyped NYX product: the soft matte lipcreams!

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream review in Athens, Cairo and Copenhagen
NYX Soft Matte Lipcream review in Copenhagen

These also come in a short lipgloss type tube, with a short, soft doefoot applicator. I remember lusting over these back when matte lips first came back into style a couple of years ago and being so frustrated that these weren't available in Belgium! FINALLY got some for myself. I received Athens, Caïro and Copenhagen.

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream review in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful cool toned red, somewhere between beet red and berry. Application for all three shades is easy and smooth, the lipcream feels comfortable and soft on the lips and smells slightly of vanilla, and after some time the product actually "sets" and leaves you with fully saturated, super matte lips that do not feel dry as bone: a miracle! Copenhagen dries down best, Athens and Caïro feel a bit drier when they go matte.

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream review in Cairo

Caïro is obviously not my favourite out of the bunch. I never wear a lipcolour this pale, and the coverage is quite patchy because my lips are darker than the lipcream. I'd need to wear a similarly toned lippencil or even foundation underneath to make this work, if I wanted to, but I'm going to pass!

NYX Soft Matte Lipcream review in Athens

Athens however is LOOOOOVE. This peachy nude is a perfect basic MLBB shade for me that I will keep reaching for with basically any type of makeup look. Recommended!

On to NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt!

NYX Lip Lingerie in bedtime flirt review

Again, typical liquid lipstick tube and the applicator is quite stiff and hard but that allows for neat application so I don't mind. 

NYX Lip Lingerie in bedtime flirt review

Bedtime Flirt is a neutral nude, not quite mauve, not quite peachy or brown, and it's pretty much the perfect nude for me. The formula is thin, more pleasant on the lips than Sleek's Birthday Suit (which makes me feel like my lips are about to crack), and the wear and reapplication is good. None of that cakey, flaky mess you get with most budget liquid lipsticks.

Now, let me introduce you to my ULTIMATE fav: the Full Throttle lipstick in Kiss the Dust.

NYX Full Throttle in Kiss the Dust review

This baby doesn't seem to get much love online, and I found it hard to find proper swatches of all of the shades, but I have no idea why because this lipstick is basically the perfect product for all you matte lipstick lovers out there. It applies like the most buttery, comfortable lipstick you can imagine, and in no time at all it sets and dries down to a perfect plush matte, flawless coverage, comfortable and non-drying on the lips, and now I want it in ALL the available shades.

NYX Full Throttle in Kiss the Dust review

I also really love the shade, which is pretty much a true brown, but it leans slightly rosey on me: staple product! If you try only one NYX product, make it this one. It's unlike any other lip product I've ever tried.

Here is a comparison of all the different products swatches on my lips. 

NYX Lipproducts haul review and swatches

Except for the Soft Matte Lipcream in Caïro, all of these are hits for me. Gorgeous products, amazing value for money. I honestly hadn't expected that all of these would live up to the hype as I am so often let down by budget beauty favourites. I can't stress enough how happy I am that we finally have NYX here!

Finally, the Born to Glow Illuminator in Gleam.

NYX Born to Glow Illuminator in Gleam review

This is a lovely rose gold cream illuminator that lends itself to being mixed into your foundation for a "glow from within" effect, or patted onto the cheekbones and wherever you want some brightness for a lovely, subtle highlight. Not glittery, but a sheen, very flattering and wearable!

And that's it - I hope you enjoyed this review! Do you have your eye on any NYX products yet, or have any recommendations? If anything, try the Full Throttle lippes because DAMN DANIEL.

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