Giveaway: Darphin skincare

Giveaway: Darphin skincare giveaway

Hi babes! If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that I have some skin issues. My facial skintone is uneven, with equal amounts of hormonal hyperpigmentation and rosacea redness. I can deal with it in the summer when I have a tan going on, but during the dark winter months, I become pale like Snowwhite, except if Snowwhite had blotchy, ruddy skin. 

Nothing has worked as well for my skin issues as Darphin's Intral Redness Relief line, especially the moisturizing balm as it doesn't just helps with my redness, but also with how dry my skin can get. I wrote a review of the Darphin Intral line here, including before and after shots demonstrating its efficacy. I received the Darphin Intral line as a gift, to review, but I have been buying the Redness Relief Balm with my own funds ever since, because I love it so much. If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is!

As I've had such a positive experience with the brand, I figured I might as well share the love with you guys. Who isn't into prolonging the Christmas vibe a bit longer by doing another giveaway? I know I am! Let's take a look at the prize.

The winner will receive two gifts, the first of which is a beautiful anti-age gift box containing three Darphin products. 

Giveaway: Darphin skincare giveaway

The lucky girl or boy will be able to choose from four different offerings:
- Idéal Resource (which deals with the first signs of aging skin - my pick)
- Exquisâge (a bit more intense as an anti-age product, containing "CelluVie™ Complex" which returns vitality to the skin)
- Prédermine (for mature skin, increases skin firmness and reduces wrinkles)
- and Stimulskin Plus (a triple threat of firming, anti-wrinkle and lifting powers)

Second, the winner can pick out an essential oil elixir to suit their skin needs.

Giveaway: Darphin skincare giveaway

This one comes in seven different aromatic options, each with a different superpower:

- Niaouli (purifying)
- Rose (moisturizing)
- Jasmine (anti-age, firming)
- Orange blossom (clarifying)
- Chamomile (soothing -my pick)
- Tangarine (for the first signs of aging)
- Eight-flower nectar (total anti-age care) 

To participate, simply head over to this instagram post. Good luck!

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