Turtle Neck, Skater Skirt, Tall Boots

knee high vintage boots skater skirt
denim skater skirt zadig&voltaire watch cross body bag
outfit knee high vintage boots skater skirt
turtle neck denim skater skirt cross body bag
turtle neck knee high vintage boots skater skirt
knee high vintage boots skater skirt

oversized cardigan: Zara - sleeveless turtle neck: Ebay - skater skirt: ASOS - cross body bag: H&M - knee high boots: Vintage
pictures by Charlotte

You know what clothing item gets way too little credit these days? The sleeveless turtle neck. I remember seeing these in my early teens, rocked by the Ally McBeals, Buffy-the-vampire-slayers and Halliwell sisters of my television world. The sleeveless turtle neck has this perfect balance of sexy meets prim-and-proper, with all of its boob-enhancing qualities, and I guess that always appealed to me. The whole idea of looking like you mean business, but also having great boobs. I'm truly a child of third wave feminism, obviously.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a sleeveless turtle neck these days? SO HARD. I ended up finding this particular rendition of the silhouette on Ebay, and it turned out exactly like what I wanted. I like how it properly covers the armpits, keeping armpit-fat in check. I mean, no armpit-fat-shame, but I personally prefer this particular look without armpit-fat because with all of that covered, I feel like your clothes look more tailored, and less like they're just a smidge too small.

I love this top, I've had it since last winter but I don't think I've featured it on the blog before. It looks especially cute with the short skater skirt and my knee high vintage boots. Very 70s-kicky-Charlie's-Angels-esque. Big fan of this outfit. Hope you like it too!


  1. Sleeveless turtenecks <3 ! Staat je goed!

  2. Yass <3 Heel mooi! Die laarzen en dat rokje samen zijn ook heerlijk.

  3. Het silhouette doet me denken aan een van de secretaresses uit Mad Men! Looking good!

  4. I love love love a good (sleeveless) turtle neck on other people, but hate wearing them myself... I don't generally think boob enhancing clothes are a good look for me :p

  5. Those boots, though. Man. I want some like that. And your hair is glorious!

    And, did you know that most of the time, armpit fat is a result of wearing a bra that doesn't fit right? So it's not actually armpit fat, it's just migrated boob tissue. I found this reddit thread called A Bra that Fits... which... man. Totally changed the way I look at bras. Apparently 90% of women wear the wrong size, and once I found my "real" size, no more back or armpit fat and it's amazing.

    That was TOTALLY not related to this outfit at all. Haha! You look super chic. And you're bringing on a really good argument for sleeveless turtlenecks!

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  6. Good figure, I like your boots, very vintage.


  7. haha yeah I know! I do have armpit fat though, I carry most of my "bulk" on my upper body and my arms aren't skinny either. I don't actually mind, it just bothers me when tops cut into it because I don't like the way it looks :D