Outfit: Sundress and Basket in the Vaucluse

sundress: Mango - hiking sandals - sunglasses: ASOS - Decathlon - hat: H&M - basket: Nyons street market

Ah, sun, rolling hills, vineyards and sandals: MUST BE FRANCE. And yes, you're right. I wore this outfit for a day of market exploring and mountain climbing (by car, natch) which I'll tell you guys more about later. I had too many pictures to get all of it in one post, so this is part one. We stopped for some pictures on our way down from Mont Ventoux, which was also the only time during our holiday that we actually took real outfit pictures. Taking a holiday from outfit pictures was very liberating as well, and a continuation of my general less frequent picture taking and blogging over the past months. Sometimes I feel like a quitter for not blogging as often anymore, but I'm making an effort to look at the bright side: rather than taking pictures of every outfit I wear (and forcing myself to style something up every single day), now I only take pictures when I really like how an outfit came together naturally. So: higher quality, and more realness at the same time.

The dress is an old favourite of mine (100% cotton: airy and comfortable yet pretty) and I picked up this basket at the Nyons street market for just 15€. Usually, items are really overpriced at tourist markets so I was happy to stumble upon this beautiful marriage of aesthetics and practicality for a totally reasonable price. I used it every day during our holiday and I'm sure I will continue to do so at home. Yeay for functional souvenirs! Another item that served me well over the summer is this hat. Hats or other forms of headcoverings are really indispensable when your hair is basically black and you're spending some time in the sun. My dark hair soaks up the heat and totally gives me heatstroke if I don't take precautions.

Btw, pro tip: if you're planning on doing loads of walking, put some medical tape on your feet to cover the spots where your footwear will rub. I taped up in the morning and it lasted me through the day, saving me from blisters and general discomfort. Simple medical tape (usually in the same aisle as bandages) works perfectly. Make sure to have the tape run vertically rather than horizontally, this ensures that the tape won't rub off. Lifesaver.


  1. oooooh dat kleedje! Perfecte Frankrijk outfit, ge zou zo inblenden

  2. Ooooh love the back of that dress! :-)

  3. A gorgeous sundress, and I love how you are ever-practical with the shoes and hat! P x