Hemline Question: Knee, Midi or Maxi?

Hi guys! I already asked this question on my instagram, but not everyone follows my instagram and I wanted to expand the issue a bit. You see, I've been feeling like wearing skirts lately. Simple, straight, column-like pencil skirts of all kinds of lengths have been catching my eye with their mix of comfort, elegance and versatility. You can create any type of outfit with a skirt like that and you can wear it year round. 

I'm starting my new job working on a PhD fulltime on Monday (PSYCHED!!) and since I'll probably be stressing out a lot, I want to simplify my wardrobe as much as possible. I mean, fall being around the corner brings enough stress as it is, right? What do you mean, just a season we experience every year? Being confused by the transitional weather when getting dressed is a SERIOUS ISSUE YO. At least it is for a control freak like me. I feel like a total failure when I've dressed too warm or too cold for the day :(

Anyway, with pencil skirts you're basically set for life since they are appropriate for any kind of situation. Except maybe swimming. Or laser shooting. But within the range of reason they are totally perfect for anything. Let me demonstrate!

Convinced yet? If you are, and you are in need of some pencil skirt sweetness in your tea (worst adaptation of an idiom ever?), I got my eye on a knee length, midi and maxi version at very affordable price points.


Of course, just finding some good options isn't enough. I need to discern exactly which hemline(s) I should go for. Which skirt will I feel best in? You should know that feeling good in a garment is influenced by two major factors: (1) is it comfortable and (2) do I feel like I look good. I'm thinking knee length is probably the easiest to wear, midi length is the most "fashion" and elegant, and maxi length is the most relaxed and comfortable. Another pro of the maxi skirt is that it will allow me to stretch the period of bare-leg temperatures as long as possible, and that it looks good with thigh length coats. I think knee length and midi length skirts look crap with thigh length coats, makes me look like a dwarf.

And this is what I look like in each hemline (sorry for the abysmal photo quality, bad lighting)!

I recreated the look with an old strapless dress I had lying around. So, what do you reckon I should go for? I'm thinking knee and maxi.


  1. Midi is zo elegant! Ik denk dat je er met de juiste jaslengte wel komt ;)
    Naomi, x

  2. oef al een geluk ben ik dus niet de enige dat zich meeeega ambetant voelt als ik ni het juiste aanheb voor het weer die dag :D als je om 8 uur moet vertrekken is dat toch echt moeilijk om in te schatten hoe de rest van de dag gaat zijn ?! Ik zou gaan voor knie, lijkt me het meest professioneel en in de winter gewoon een panty eronder :)

  3. Knee, knee, knee. I feel that #2 would be difficult to wear and a bit too antiquated. #1 looks fab on you!

  4. ha I'm sort of feeling like i might go for all three, but right now I've ordered a midi so I can experiment with rolling up the waist so I can wear it kneelength as well! TWO FOR ONE