Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunglasses)

Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99
If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be

Are the first few lines of one of the most awesome columns ever written. Baz Luhrmann obviously agreed, as he used the text as a lyric. The original was written by Mary Schmich, which is a fact not everyone is aware of. I am saying this because I was not aware, and I am obviously the authority on this subject.

This song moved me when I first heard it in '99 as a 12 year old, but the older I get the more the words resonate. Obviously. I love melancholy.

Anyway! What I wanted to say is that one might very well add "wear sunglasses" to the list of advice so earnestly written by Schmich. People will probably tell you that wearing good quality sunglasses will keep you from developing crow's feet early on but because I am a FEMINIST and I think beauty doesn't fade when crow's feet start to appear, you will hear no such thing from me. 

No, I would advise all of you to wear sunglasses, simply because they make you look fucking cool. It's a fact, probably even a scientific one. If you, like me, have a set of eyes that function as expressive mirrors of your soul, you probably don't mind covering them up once in a while when you don't want people to peer into your most intimate depths. And what is the definition of cool, apart from the absence of warmth? CORRECT, not showing emotion! Because you are way above that animalistic crap!

Now, I would not add "not showing emotion" to the list of advise I would give my younger self, but it IS pretty nice not to have to show them to people you don't want to, or at times when you just want to be left alone. And that's where a kick ass pair of sunglasses comes in.

I'm not about  to tell anyone what kind of sunglasses to wear or what shape of eyewear flatters your face, because you are gorgeous regardless (and if you're not: WHO CARES? Don't objectify yourself man). I AM going to tell you what sort of sunglasses float my boat. Because this is my blog, and it is expected of me. And it just so happens to be that my faaaaavourite shape of sunglasses is the cat eye. Because it strikes the right balance between edgy and retro-referential, and because you don't see it a lot on other people (I'M SO SPECIAL).

Ever since seeing Ms. Calivintage wearing tortoise versions of these, I've been ALL OVER Tom Ford's perfect cat eye sunnies.

The shape of these Ralph Laurens is a bit less exaggerated and thus more classic. I'll always be a sucker for that warm, flecked tortoise stuff.

And how ya like THESE Miu Miu apples? In case you hadn't noticed, these are GLITTERY. Aka my favorite texture in the whole cupcakeunicornpastelpink world. Not a true cat eye shape, but FEH to that, this is my blog and I want glitter!

All of these can be acquired via smartbuyglasses.be. If you want to get yourself  graduation present (Ray Bans are always nice) or feel like splurging, this is the place to go. Free shipping and lots of discounts. Also, the website features a 3D try on option so you can actually just browse and check out how the glasses might look on you! Freeloading 4-eva

Now, you're free to wear sunglasses.


  1. I love the cats eye too. It's surprising you don't see people wearing sunnies in that style more often. And it's definitely useful to be able to hide expressive eyes on occassion!

  2. I have a major love for sunglasses. Particularly cheap ones so I can buy a billion pairs. I'm in love with those cat eye shaped ones. I think I need to find a pair like that as soon as possible!