NYE 11 12

HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVERS! Me and the boy are lying on the couch nursing a hangover, but our NYE lasted until 5 in the morning and it was splendid. And because I am a good blogger (GOOD blogger) I'm sharing my night with you guys. On the menu: smiley soup, Ariel's clam bra, cracker jacks, baby Jesus getting drunk, my boy's red suspenders, a yoyo and 4 hot chicks being all SEXY GLAMOURous. Also, a mini beehive. OK my hair failed on the beehive-ness but it still looked fierce. And a whoooooole lot of wine fueled goofing around in the kitchen while waiting for the roast beef to cook.


After the main course and a game of guessing-whose-name-is-stuck-to-yo-forehead, it was time for the countdown! Camille and me fell over hugging and kissing each other into the new year, but we landed softly. And then we all ran outside with champagne to see if anyone was lighting fireworks and took pictures with baby Jesus at the Nativity scene of our town center.

And then we ended up going inside, dancing and singing to Steps, Cotton Eye Joe, the Spice Girls and MANY MORE. This looks a hell of a lot more elegant than it was.

Just to provide you with a better look at my hair and make up, as this post was low on pictures (HA). I was wearing my highest heels and some back seamed tights. I did my nails in black and sponged on some gold and silver, ending with a top coat. My hair was backcombed ever so slightly on top, and then I just sort of folded stuff in place and bobby pinned it down.

And that's it! I hope you had a FANTASTIC New Year's Eve, and I wish you all the best for the new year!

dress, necklace: H&M
tights: New Look
shoes: Zara
shrug: Pimkie

Yes I was wearing something completely different in the end in front of the nativity shed thing but I had eaten so much my dress didn't fit me anymore and my feet hurt so I swapped in my chelsea boots. 


  1. I can not stop laughing at the baby jesus picture. Oh my god. It seems like your New Years was a fantastic party!! Living it up till 5 am sounds perfect to me. Oddly enough my New Years was pretty lame. Ah well. :)

  2. well, my NYE's are usually lame so maybe yours will be awesome next year!! :D

  3. It seems you had great fun, thanks for sharing that and the good humour! Happy 2012!

  4. WOW, what an amazing new years, this looks like sooo much fun. Your friends are all quite fabulous and you look like a great group to be around. Sea shell bras and drunk baby jesus made me laugh

  5. WOW! Looks you guys had an amazing New Years! You all look gorgeous in you dresses :D

    Marja <3

  6. You look GORGEOUS!!! It looks like you had sooo much fun! Its good to be able to goof around like that

  7. Looks like you had a great night!!! Happy new year!

  8. Leuke foto's en je ziet er super mooi uit!!

  9. You are a good blogger, I didn't even take one picture of my outfit :D oops! Happy NY!

  10. Haha these pics are amazing, looks like you had tons of fun together! :)
    I LOVE the photo with the three of you "wearing" the Ariel bras, totally cracked me up!
    And you looked so glamorous, I love the statement necklace with your dress!

    Happy new year to you!

  11. Ha, that picture with the shells is so funny! :D Looks like you had a really great NYE!

  12. Before I say anything else... that Baby Jesus looks like Kuato from Total Recall *cough* I really like your nails like that, so pretty! Looks like you guys had an awesome night. The NYE party I attended was listed as 10pm-10am, but the music was still playing when we left around 11am, and I didn't actually get any real sleep until that second night. I've yet to do the champagne and eatables NYE as an adult but maybe next year, because this looks like a giggle-filled blast... (and not to be nosy, though it is, what age is your man-creature?)

  13. My dude is 41 :) And yes, it was a deliciously funny night and I totally recommend it! Btw you can be nosy all you want, I'm not ashamed of anything! Didn't you notice the age difference in my older posts featuring him? :D