And do I really understand the undernetting ?

It seems that every sunday, I feel like listening to sweet (pop)songs from the sixties and seventies. Some songs/artists that almost always fill the air on sunday morning:

The Zombies
Love - Alone again or
The Velvet Underground
The Beatles
The Kinks
The Byrds
Does anyone have any other tips for songs or artists in the same genre?

My outfit today:
Dress: H&m
Leggings: Pimkie
Boots: New Look
Belt: ribbon from H&M dress
Necklace: H&m
Nailpolish: Hema
Ring: Alex Monroe

The ring I'm wearing is the one my boyfriend got me for our 5 year anniversary + my birthday and I absolutely LOVE it. I wear it practically every day and whenever I look at it, it makes me smile. It's from Alex Monroe, and I can totally recommend ordering from them: they have the BEST customer's service (they made a custom version of a ring I loved because it was too big for everyday wear), their stuff is really pretty and fun, but still elegant and timeless, and not at all THAT expensive for something you'd buy for a special occasion. And they make everything on order, so you can choose for them to make it in silver or in gold, depending on your financial resources.
Btw they did NOT pay me to talk about this, haha :-D I wish! They could pay me with jewellery! I wouldn't mind finding these on my doorstep:
snake+ flowers, original sin ring

double lily ring, would make a perfect wedding ring if you ask me!

rose wreath ring, so cute
owl arch necklace

Anyway, you get the picture: nature based jewellery with a hint of fairytale magic to them, without making it too kiddy.

Now I really have to go do some homework, I have a french presentation march 4th and I hate having to do things last minutes!

Listening to: Nico - Time of the Season (I heard this song for the first time when I watched The Royal Tenenbaums, watch that movie if you haven't already!)
Breakfast: a soft boiled egg on toast with orange juice



  1. dat ging ik ook meteen zeggen, the animals! :d "we've got to get out of this place" (L)

    en beach boyzzzzz

  2. english please for my international readers :D

    I like The Beach Boys, but I always get sick of them after a song or two because they sound so ultra happy :D Zombies & Kinks > Beach Boys!

  3. I love your outfit! And I love that jewelry!

  4. amazing detailing on the print of the dress!! & cute belt!!

  5. I loved the double lily ring! And your ring is also extremely beautiful... So your boyfriend also has a great taste! You lucky! :D