Travel wishlist: what to pack for an island getaway

Hi babes! I have some crazy, insane, super excited news to share with you: I'm jetting off to the Caribbean for a week, flying to Curaçao with Tui! I know, I can barely believe it myself - this is undoubtedly the coolest thing that blogging ever got me into. Except meeting my dear friend Sabina, of course. But jumping on a plane to go discover Curaçao? That can't be beat.

I will be sharing alllll of the sun and crystal clear waters and bright colours and cocktails with you (only visuals and audio until they invent teleportation, sadly), but until I set foot on the island, I will be daydreaming. And putting together imaginary holiday wardrobes. Lord knows I have enough summer clothes to last me a lifetime (summer clothes are my fav to shop for), but there's no harm in window shopping right?

So let me present to you a round-up of my sartorial summer cravings of the moment! Key words: colour and comfort.

6) a wide brim hat - for that dash of glamour

7) colourful swimsuits. At least two different ones. Striped or ruffled.

8) comfy sandals that you can easily slip on and off (I already own these).

I'm planning on bringing a bajillion swimsuits and not much else. Finally getting some wear out of my collection of swimwear - am I the only person who delights in buying a new suit each year despite hardly ever going for a swim? It's like you're investing in the idea of going on a holiday, man.

I'm a little intimidated about going, if I'm perfectly honest - it will be my first real press trip, on my own meaning without any people I've known previously, and I'm dreading those lonely nights in my hotel room. I'm one of those extroverts who actually enjoy chatting away and spending time with other people, so the solo travel thing is a little daunting to me. I mean, who will take those thousands of slightly differently angled pictures of my beach outfits?? Ha! But really, if you have any tips on spending quality time with myself for an entire week when we have downtime, do share. Press trips can feel like work instead of a holiday if you don't approach em right, or so I've been told, so I want to get in with the right mindset. And hit me up if you're on the island during my stay next week! ;-)

PS this is Curaçao. Are you in love yet?? I'm crossing my fingers for a selfie with a sea turtle. Will make it worth being a little lonely. Cheers!

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