Review: soothing sensitive skin with Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

Review: soothing sensitive skin with Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

Hi babes! I have some light Sunday reading material ready for you, as I'll be reviewing Kruidvat's new Skin Science Derma Sensitive skincare line. Let's get to it!

You should know I have very sensitive skin, prone to redness and rather dry - catch up with all my skincare posts here. I have tried a LOT of different options to get rid of my red patches, but nothing proves to be the magic cure, and after some years of experimenting I have figured out that my skin feels and looks its best if I
  • exfoliate regularly
  • use oil based makeup removers and treat my dryness with oils from time to time
  • apply a night cream and daily moisturizer that nourish my skin without being too heavy, because heavy creams tend to clog up my pores
  • and stay away from any aggressive treatments
Kruidvat has always been a safe, affordable option to fall back on when I don't know what skin care range to try next, and I have often been impressed with the quality you can get for just a couple of bucks here. Their new Skin Science Derma Sensitive line boasts a serum, a daytime moisturizer, a soothing oil and skin rebalancing night cream, all for under €6

I have been using these products over the past month, so let me share my experiences with you.

Review: soothing sensitive skin with Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

All of these products except the oil come in containers with pumps, meaning that no germs will get into your pots, and that all the active ingredients are shielded from light and air getting to them and breaking them down. Kind of a big deal when it comes to skin care, so Kruidvat gets it 100% right here. Also, all of these products are perfume/odorless, which is great for sensitive skin (and sensitive noses).

In the mornings, after a shower I first apply the serum, which has a gel-like, light feel despite being a cream. I only need about one pump for my full face, and the serum is absorbed by my skin very quickly. Also a big plus, because you should always let every step in your skincare routine absorb before you start on the next step - otherwise you don't get full functionality out of your products. After the serum has absorbed into my skin, leaving it every so slightly tacky, I apply the day cream, which also absorbs quickly. My foundation goes on perfectly, no issues there, and doesn't start moving around either.
Review: soothing sensitive skin with Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

In the evenings I take off my makeup (still in love with the Clinique Take The Day Off balm, followed by the Kruidvat Originals rose water), and follow up with the skin soothing oil from the Skin Science Derma Sensitive line. I use about 4-5 drops to massage into my skin and get my circulation going, to prepare my skin for some heavy duty self-renewal while I get some shut-eye. The oil is probably my favourite product out of this line, I was struggling with super sensitive skin when I first started using the oil (sensitive to the touch, kind of like after kissing a dude with stubble), and this product was so soft and soothing that my problem cleared up after about two days. Great for winter skin issues.

After massaging the oil into my face, I go to bed, read for a couple of minutes, and then I apply the night cream which always sits on my bedside table. The combination of the products isn't too much for my skin, it all absorbs nicely and I wake up with baby-soft cheeks.

Review: soothing sensitive skin with Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

If I have to mention one downside,  it's that the products are probably JUST short of moisturizing enough for my dry winter skin. I feel like my skin could use just a bit more, especially around the edges of my forehead which always feel dry. However, it's not like my skin feels parched, so I'd say these products would be suited to normal skin. I think these would be perfect for me in summer, when my skin is a little less dry.

Overall, great products, great value for money, another winner from Kruidvat.
Review: soothing sensitive skin with Kruidvat Skin Science Derma Sensitive

The efficacy of these products has been proven in lab tests, establishing 37% calmer skin, with 36% less irritation and 20% more skin comfort. Of course, it seems random to measure skin improvement with a percentage, but the fact is that independent lab tests verified the effect of the Derma Sensitive line, and that that makes these a great option if you're looking for budget skincare.

These products are available in Kruidvat stores and on their webshop.

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