Outfit: Not That Kind of Girl

wide brim hat, longline cardigan, peplum hem top

wide brim hat, curls, peplum hem top
peplum hem top
wide brim hat, curls, longline cardi
Lobogato necklace, diamanti per tutti rings
Not that kind of girl hat, peplum hem top
western boots
wide brim hat and curls
Not that kind of girl hat, longline cardigan
longline knit cardigan: c/o WE Fashion - top: c/o River Island - jeans: Mango - ankle boots: c/o Zinda - hat: Zara - necklace: c/o Lobogato - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

I love this hat, for obvious reasons. I always think those wide brim hats with text curling along the borders look so cute, and this one has a feminist quote to boot! I mean, it's open to interpretation I guess, but for me the line is a reference to Lena Dunham's novel of the same title. And I can't quote her directly, but I remember reading her explanation for the title being something like this: we are all more than a gendered stereotype. Going through life, all of us are reduced to a category of people at some time or other. Weirdo. Spoiled girl. Bigmouth. Naive victim. Tease. Cold bitch. Feminazi. Arrogant academic. I've been put in all of these boxes, and perhaps if you put all of these boxes together you end up with an approximation of who I really am? But I'm always more.

All of us are more than "that kind of girl". We defy stereotypes, we grow above and beyond expectations. I think that that is a very real, very relatable message to send, so I'm happy to wear it on my hat!

This is what I wore on Christmas eve, btw. My sister came over for dinner and we had a lovely afternoon getting ready, doing our makeup and hair, taking pictures (surprisingly gorgeous lighting for such an overcast winter's day!). I picked out a simple outfit with gold touches in my top, jewelry, manicure and lipstick - I'm wearing NYX' Speed of Light. Casual but festive ;-)

Hope you like the look!

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