Travel: first impressions of Japan

Hi guys! Japan is completely amazing and I've found myself unable to update this blog regularly because I'm just too busy enjoying myself. I'm updating my insta and snapchat regularly, though, but I figured a travel update here was way overdue. I'm kind of dead tired after a day of travelling from Fukuoka to Okinawa (not that far, but the turbulence was killing), so this post will be photo heavy and light on words. Enjoy!

The last couple of days in bullets:
  • every woman here owns (and rocks) culottes, which has finally convinced me to try the trend myself. I've since picked up three (!) pairs of culottes at Uniqlo in Canal City, Fukuoka. Peer pressure from stunningly elegant Japanese women is a real thing, yo. Related: Japanese people are serious about accessorizing. I consistently feel like an underdressed slob here in my regular travel clothes. Also related: Japanese people don't do cleavage/exposed breastbone. Fashion here is a bit more demure, and I feel the need to fit in even though my summer clothes are generally a BIT more revealing :/ airy layers are key!
  • the weather has been amazing, we've only had two rainy days yet! Lucky us, considering this is still the rainy season in Japan
  • ALL THE FOOD IS GOOD OMG. Even broiled daikon radish is tasty! 
  • Japanese convenience stores are a gift from the gods. Who would have known you can buy spf50 bb creams and fresh sushi there?
  • people are amazingly friendly and approachable, and everything here is arranged super conveniently. Public transport is easy to figure out and reliable, and it seems like the Japanese have hacks to make each and every area of life less frustrating. Like machines that put a plastic wrapper around your wet umbrella if you enter a building!
  • the kids here will make your ovaries explode
  • shopping here is a nightmare because you will blow all your money on all the things that are hard to find at home and EVERYWHERE here. My vice: seacreature themed accessories. And culottes.
In depth travel recap coming as soon as we get home, which is another week from now, so hang in there and enjoy the occasional peaks I'm giving! :-)

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