Outfit: crop top, kickflare Levi's and cherry blossoms

Outfit: abbey road crop top, kickflare levi's and cherry blossoms

abbey road shirt, choker
cropped denim, Wonders platform sandals
levi's mom jeans
Outfit: abbey road crop top, choker and cherry blossoms
abbey road shirt, mom jeans, blazer
Abbey road shirt, choker necklace, burgundy eyeshadow
Outfit: platform sandals, cropped denim
 blazer: c/o s. Oliver - denim: vintage Levi's - clog sandals: c/o Wonders - cropped Beatles t-shirt: H&M - choker: Etsy - belt: Vero Moda - sunglasses: c/o Polette - purse: Mango

Hi babes! While you're reading this, I'm probably somewhere in the sky between Belgium and Japan, on my way to the ICA 2016 conference in Fukuoka. After my conference, we're visiting Okinawa and Tokyo. Pretty amazing, right?? After weeks of stressing out I'm actually really zen and calm right now, I've got that weird issue where I FREAK out at random times leading up to the actual event, and when it's go-time, I'm super chill and focused. I guess it's more practical than stressing out when you've got shit to do, but I still wish I was always this calm and relaxed. I get this unspecific knot in my stomach when I've got something big coming up, it's more like a physical feeling than concrete worries or thoughts running through my mind which makes it harder to control. I can't exactly rationalize it away.

But I'm OK now! And I figured it would be appropriate to share some outfitshots featuring the last bit of spring blossoms, taken a couple of weeks ago. I'm wearing my fav pair of kickflare-momjeans hybrid Levi's again, they just look so cute with a crop top and some platforms. I was also having a really good makeup day this day. Hope you enjoy, and I apologize in advance for my upcoming absence but I'll try to post as often as I can and you can keep up with what I'm doing by following me on instagram (@stylingdutchman) or snapchat (stylingdutchman). Cross your fingers for sunny skies above Okinawa!

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