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Hi guys! As you know, I'm currently enjoying the heat in the French Rivière as we speak, and I'm 100% in vacation mode. Bring on the beach, sun, cocktails and sultry summer evenings.

 enjoying the evening sun at our holiday home's pool in my c/o Calzedonia bikini

I don't know about you, but when summer is in full swing, there's only three things on my mind: wearing as little clothes as possible, eating equal amounts of fresh salads and greasy fried food (I have a craving for calamari right now), and making the most out of the beautiful, long summer nights. And I'm not talking about sitting in my crappy little back yard with a book, I'm talking about nightlife! Sometimes it's nice just to meet up with some friends and talk until every subject has been covered at least four times (and you don't even care because you're happy and possibly a little tipsy), but sometimes you want to put on your dancing shoes and your sexiest dress and hit the town, am I right? And nothing sucks like being all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Well, that's where this post comes in: a little while ago, I was contacted by the people behind who wanted to introduce their app to me to see if I would think my readers would like to hear about it, and here we are. is a smartphone party guide that's always up to date with the latest info, available right there in your back pocket making sure you're never stranded at home because you don't know what cool party you're missing that night. And best of all, the app is one hundred percent free, and very easy to use. What's not to like? Let's take a closer look.

I could explain's functionality to you, but that would totally make the effort people put into creating this snazzy little vid futile, and we wouldn't want that now would we?

Basically,  you start by using the geolocation option to tell the app where you'll be that night, and the app tells you what kinds of events are going on near you, including a description of what the event is all about (be it a party, a concert, a festival or whatever) and an embedded google maps overview of where the event will be taking place. I think this app is especially fun if you're going on holiday this summer: whether you'll be flying to Aruba or taking a road trip down route 66, with this app you'll always know where the parties are at, wherever you are. That's ALMOST as cool as using tinder to find a summer fling. I mean, I'm almost sad I'm in a happy, fulfilling relationship, because the coolest thing EASILY about the ubiquitousness of smartphones is the idea of using tinder when you're abroad to find local hotties to hook up with. I'd be all over that ish if I weren't practically an old married lady. But, you know, is also pretty neat.

Here is a cute graph showing you some of the app's functionalities.

Kind of awkward that Iggy Azalea is standing there, seeing that she canceled her tour and all, but let's not rub it in. Must be painful enough for the girl as it is. 

Not shown here, but the app also allows you to share events you're attending on your social media, so you can tell all your friends about it. Download it here for free.

The app is currently not available for Android devices, but they're working on it! And until then, you can use the website if you're not an apple adept (iDept?). If you try the app, let me know how you like it! Do you have any plans (party/vacay/concert or other) this summer? We're going to France again, and I'm stoked AF. French Riviera, prepare to be ROCKED.

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