Puerto Rico: pools, palm trees and posing

Yo! It's my birthday today (28!), and I'm feeling less than festive because of TIRED (jetlag) and SICK (crappy Belgian weather), so I'm going to try to cheer myself up my posting some Puerto Rico shots of the pool/beach area around the Condado Plaza Hilton, and yours truly chilling in said locale. Whenever I had some time off from the conference, you can bet your ass I was sitting by the pool taking in the sights (along with some piƱa colada). Just what I'd need right now. Let's keep things sunny and simple!

& other stories bathing suit, cat eye sunglasses
bathing suit: & Other Stories - sunglasses: ASOS

condado plaza hilton pool
retro bathing suit, cat eye sunglasses
condado plaza hilton saltwater pool
& other stories fruit print bathing suit, cat eye sunglasses
hashtag knowyourangles

palm trees
Marlies Dekkers holi glamour bikini, kimono, polette sunglasses
bikini: c/o Marlies Dekkers - sandals: c/o Fibi & Clo - kimono: c/o Oasap - sunglasses: c/o Polette

condado plaza hilton
condado beach, san juan
& other stories fruit print bathing suit, cat eye sunglasses
& Other Stories fruit print bathing suit, zebra print slide on sandals
 sunglasses: ASOS - bathing suit: & Other Stories - slip on sandals: c/o Avance shoes

Ah, when I look at these pictures I can almost smell the sea, feel the wind in my hair and hear the rustling of the palm trees. Not pictured: how ridiculous my boyfriend and I looked while scrambling up this rock, and the toe I stubbed while elegantly (not) prancing in the shallow ocean water. That was extra ridiculous, because the water was so clear I could actually see small, translucent fish swimming around our feet. And still I managed to stub my toe. Faut le faire. Pretty sure the locals on the beach were rolling their eyes pretttty hard when they saw us making a fool out of ourself to get a nice shot, but after so many years of blogging you really lose any type of shame a normal person might have in the same situation.

Btw, the soles of my feet aren't orange because they are crazy calloused, that's just dirt and sand OK.

I think I cheered myself up a bit. Signing off!


  1. Happy happy birthday! Vier je dag maar goed en vier maar hoe hard je straalt op je foto's!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love your vacation style.



  3. Proficiaaat! Maar godverdekke nu heb ik ook zin in vakantie :( Wat ziet het er daar heerlijk uit!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Annebeth (a.k.a. Tha Bomb?). Damn, 't ziet er daar schoon uit! Gelukkig ben ik binnen anderhalve week ook op vakantie ;-)

  5. Hahahaha ('you really lose any type of shame a normal person might have in the same situation')! Hope you had an amazing birthday nevertheless!

  6. it was :( we hebben al beslist dat we terug zullen gaan!

  7. Eerst de Provence en in juli naar Mexico! ;)

  8. aiaiai dat gaat pijn doen als je terug thuis bent, maar wel heerlijk zo'n hele zomer vol prachtige momenten! Wij gaan ook naar zuid frankrijk in juli, kan niet wachtennnn :D veel foto's nemen he!

  9. Ab fab! Where's that jet set life we were meant to have?!


  10. Happy birthday!! Waaauw, wat mooi daar, en dat zwempak zit je als gegoten!