Outfit: Vintage paisley circle skirt and a crop top

outfit: vintage crop top and paisley circle skirt with birkenstocks

vintage crop top, paisley circle skirt, Daniel Wellington watch, Diamanti Per Tutti rings
outfit: vintage crop top and paisley circle skirt, satchel bag
outfit: vintage crop top and paisley circle skirt with birkenstocks
crop top, vintage paisley circle skirt, salina birkenstocks
cat eye sunglasses, orange lipstick
outfit: vintage crop top and paisley circle skirt with birkenstocks
paisley circle skirt, crop top: vintage via Think Twice - cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - handbag: & Other Stories - sandals: Salina Birkenstocks - watch: c/o Daniel Wellington - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

FINALLY some beautiful sunny weather again! Today was gorgeous, Sunday will be good, and Monday and Tuesday will practically feel like summer. I am so excited to break out my spring and summer clothes again. This skirt for example, it was an amazing vintage find during one of Think Twice's monthly sales, marked down to just 2€. 100% cotton, lovely colour and print, AND it has pockets and an elasticized band in the back. Definitely the kind of piece you thank the vintage gods for when you happen upon it, especially since I was looking for something exactly like this. 

There's this one gorgeous streetstyle picture on pinterest of some lady wearing a printed circle skirt with heeled sandals and a simple t-shirt, and I could never get it out of my mind. Sometimes a picture plays so perfectly to your sense of style that it's just burned into your brain, forever egging you on to try and replicate it. This is the image I'm talking about.

floral circle skirt and t-shirt

Looking back, I didn't even remember her as wearing cat eye sunglasses and a ponytail. Turns out I was even more subconsciously influenced than I realized! And this will definitely remain one of my favourite inspirational images for bring that playful femininity I love so much. My version will always be more casual (as you know, I suck at heels and pumps of any kind), but that will just make it more "me" and less of a copy.

Hope you like the look, and have a lovely weekend!


  1. That outfit is perfect. Exactly what I want to be wearing all summer.

  2. Perfection. Great outfit for spring and summer.



  3. right?? fun and comfortable!

  4. You look great pairing the whole outfit with a pair of sandals.