Outfit: overalls, button down and Converse

outfit: overalls, oversized scarf and Converse

outfit: overalls, button down shirt and Converse
overalls, button down shirt, leather handbag
overalls, daniel wellington watch, satchel bag
overalls and button down shirt
outfit: overalls and Converse
outfit: overalls, oversized scarf and Converse
overalls, shirt: Pimkie - scarf: LN|Andes - watch: c/o Daniel Wellington - handbag: & Other Stories - shoes: Converse - sunglasses: c/o Polette - necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti
pics by Natasja

I'm a bit all over the place after this weird past week: two days off thanks to a holiday never fails to shakes me out of my normal rhythm. Which is a good thing, in a way, but also a weird thing. Almost like jetlag. I've been enjoying the extra sleep, though!

Almost everything is in order for our trip to Puerto Rico. If you haven't flown in over ten years, or if you haven't flown ever, it's quite baffling to see how much preparing goes into it all. Borrowing luggage, arranging transport to and from the airport, making sure your credit card works in the US, finding someone to house/catsit, buying yet another swimsuit, figuring out what you'll do during the hours and hours of transit time... Lot's of work, man. But the pay-off will be sweet! Sweet like coconuts on a beach. Oh yeah. 

Anyway, my outfit: something casual with a bit of prep factor, again a very Spencer Hastings type of look (still not over my Pretty Little Liars obsession). Hope you like the outfit, and have a lovely weekend.


  1. This is my kind of outfit. Love the Converse.



  2. These overalls look so great on you. I love the kind of boyish vibe going on in this outfit. You look gorgeous!

    Jamie | www.petitepanoply.com

  3. I love the more fitted overalls; I would almost be convinced to wear them like that -- you and Marlen wear overalls SO well!
    I wish I could go to Puerto Rico with you! After baby #2 is born, I SO want to take a good vacation because... yes. Even if it's just a weekend one.

  4. Thank you! I also prefer the slightly more fitted ones, feels more current. And you deserve a holiday! Where would you want to go?

  5. aaaah wow zaaalig! gij staat echt geweldig met een 'salopet'

  6. Ah, I wish I looked like this in overalls too! You rock them and I love how you style them. Simple but interesting. Totally jealous of your Puerto Rico working vacation, hope you have a great time!
    xo Kat

  7. Florentina ScusiMay 22, 2015 at 10:31 AM

    Such a great outfit! The overalls is awesome!