Beauty: Darphin CC cream review

I have become quite the Darphin convert lately. Reason: every single Darphin product I've tried has been indisputably awesome. Their range is great for sensitive skin and whenever I apply Darphin, I feel like I'm taking good care of what my momma gave me. Today, I'm reviewing their CC cream - a product I have heard lots of good things about, and the first CC cream I have tried until now.

Crash course: CC stands for Colour Correcting, and quoting Vogue: "Like BB creams they boast hydrating properties, SPF protection and semi-sheer coverage, but with the added benefit of colour-correcting technology to improve uneven skin tones." 
Did someone say uneven skin tone? Holla! CC creams are right up my alley, so I'm probably the perfect test subject for a review. The Darphin CC Cream promises to do 5 things:

Illuminate: create a radiant complexion thanks to light-reflecting pearls, caffeine and scutellaria. This minimizes the appearance of fine lines.
Correct imperfection: a medium coverage deals with imperfections and leaves you with a flawless end finish
Hydrate: sodium hyaluronate and trehalose (I have no idea what those are, but sounds legit) are supposed to hydrate the top layers of the skin throughout the day
Unify: laminaria saccharina reduces oiliness and shine, and hexapeptide works against fine lines and pores to create a smooth, even complexion that remains flawless until sundown
Protect: SPF 35 protects skin from UV related ageing.

In short, CC creams even out your complexion just like a foundation, but they also contribute to better skin quality in the long run. Well, that's what CC creams are supposed to do. Not all of them are more than glorified foundations, but this Darphin CC cream absolutely is. I was sent over the 01 light shade to review (this product only comes in 01 light and 02 medium, unfortunately). Read on for a review!

beauty: Darphin CC cream review with swatches

The Darphin CC cream in 01 light is, thankfully, pretty light indeed. This would not work for the fairest complexions out there, but usually I need the lightest or the second lightest shade from most foundations, so it does deserve the "light" name. It is warm toned, though, having yellow undertones, and I can make it work but it doesn't match my skintone perfectly. The texture is thick and creamy, but I had no issue applying and blending out.

Let's see what it looks like on my face.

beauty: Darphin CC cream review with swatches
left: before - right: after

I am in. love. with the finish of the Darphin CC cream: a true medium coverage that smoothes out any kind of imperfection, without drowning out the natural, dewiness of the skin - in fact enhancing it. I noticed that this product succeeded at simultaneously controlling the oiliness that my T-zone tends to develop throughout the day, while also creating a gorgeous dewy finish that lasts from when I apply in the morning until I remove it at night. I have never encountered a product that managed to combine those two features so sublimely.

beauty: Darphin CC cream review with swatches
left: half cc cream, half bare face - right: the difference between my natural skintone and the CC cream, noticeable along the jawline

On the left, you notice how beautifully the Darphin CC cream covers up my redness without seeming artificial or too perfect. On the right, you see how I have to make an effort to blend the product in, because it doesn't match my skintone perfectly. A tiny bit too dark, and a tiny bit too yellow. Just a tiny bit, so it will match my tan summer skin without effort. The picture also shows the gorgeous glowing finish of this product. Wow.

beauty: Darphin CC cream review with swatches

And this is the end result after incorporating the Darphin CC cream in a full face of make up. Of all the foundations I've tried over the last year (and I tried some of the top brands! Check out my foundation reviews here), this absolutely has THE most gorgeous finish. AND it has SPF 35. The only thing that could make this product any better would be a wider range of colours, so this would match my skintone better. Apart from that, Darphin's CC cream has knocked my beloved Chanel Vitalumière Aqua off the throne.

Darphin's CC cream retails at 39€ for 30ml, which I think is very reasonable for the amazing quality and end result you'll be getting.

Darphin, can you DO wrong?


  1. Geeft echt een supergoed resultaat!! And I love the eyeliner!!
    Waar is dit merk trouwens te koop?

  2. Dankjewellll. Apotheken en online! :-)