Shirt Dress, Sweatshirt, Converse

converse preppy outfit shirt dress sweatshirt
sweatshirt layered over collar
white low top converse outfit
preppy outfit shirt dress sweatshirt
Shirt Dress, Sweatshirt, Converse

sweater: ASOS - shirt dress: Zara - feminist tote bag: gift - sneakers: Converse

Oh hai there! Ready for the weekend? Life flies by so fast when you have a routine. Before you know it, another week has passed, and you've gotten a little closer to whatever goal you have in front of you: Christmas, next year's holiday abroad, promotion, finishing your PhD. It's a comforting thought, that feeling of small but steady progress. TOWARDS A LONELY DEATH AND FAILURE HAHAHA

No just kidding.

I put this preppy outfit together because, like everyone with a pinterest, I get inspired by preppy sorts of back to school looks when fall hits. A tiny bit juvenile now that I'm a ripe old 27, but age ain't nothing but a number, yo. And if I swapped the converse for pumps or boots, this would be perfect for the office. I was also prompted by this adorable outfit I spotted on pinterest. So simple, yet so pretty!

Shirt Dress, Sweater, Converse

After moving away from the whole girly/vintage look, I sort of forgot how cute shirt dresses are layered under sweaters. Perfect for indian summer weather.Yes, I totally ripped this A Cup of Jo person off. Sorry! LIFE IS REPETITION

And thusly, we come full circle.


  1. perfect look. ik zie dit graag zo'n klassieke preppy look ooooh outfitinspiratie voor morgen! x

  2. Supertoffe look AB! En die inspiratiefoto van A Cup of Jo: zo'n mooi haar dat die Gaby heeft!

  3. Nog mooier met die cobalt trui!!