Quilted Biker Boots, Silk Blouse

clarks biker boots movie stage
levis shorts quilted purse
silk blouse long hair
silk blouse biker boots levis shorts
outfit silk blouse biker boots
silk blouse biker boots levis shorts

silk blouse: COS - denim shorts: vintage Levi's - quilted motor boots: c/o Bells Shoes - purse: Pimkie - watch: Zadig&Voltaire - necklace: Onecklace

These pictures and this outfit are some of my favourites of the past months. Everything came together wonderfully, I love the golden light and how the boots both match the outfit (quilted purse) as well as clash with it (silk blouse). And I had a major good hair day, thanks to my discovery of using my curling iron as a wand (just ignore the clasp). It's very soothing for a perfectionist like me when everything goes according to plan.

I don't know if you recognize the silk blouse, but I bought it last year in the sales and had it shortened this summer because I just didn't get enough wear out of it. Silk should always be immaculate, no? Creases or stains just won't do, and the longer your blouse is, the bigger the risk of creasing or staining. I think I made the right decision, although it always feels a bit like sacrilege to hack into an already beautiful garment.

The real star of this outfit is this pair of boots, though! I got them from Bells Shoes, but they're Clarks. I love Clarks! Their UK5.5 fits me perfectly, and I almost never find a perfect fit in shoes without messing around with insoles and/or thick socks. Before these, I did not have a pair of classic biker boots, so these filled that gap nicely. I especially like the fact that they're not completely flat, the 6cm heel is very flattering and still comfortable. Definitely a recommendation if you're looking for something similar.


  1. Those boots are amazing, I love how they match the purse! And yeah, my thoughts are if you aren't going to wear the garment as is, but then you modify it in some way and get more wear out if it, then it was a good decision. A lovely blouse for sure :)

  2. Agaim, perfect, laid back outfit! Mijn zijden hemd kreukt wel niet zo hard, vlekken zijn nog wel iets anders :D


  3. ooh prachtige outfit! lekker stoer met die boots

  4. Hoe goed ziet uw haar eruit!
    En nee ik ben nog niet terug :( nog geen tijd gehad om alles uit te zoeken helaas, maar ik maak er binnenkort werk van!